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What is a Two Way ANOVA?

A two way ANOVA is an analysis of variance. It has a factorial design of two or more independent variables. Each independent variable can have 2 or more levels. The dependent variable is scale


What is the difference between a one way ANOVA and a two way ANOVA?

There are 2 independent variables. The two independent variables have an effect in combination


What is a factorial ANOVA?

A factorial ANOVA is a general term for two way, three way and higher ANOVAS


What is a factor?

A factor is used to describe an independent variable in an ANOVA


What is a mixed ANOVA?

A mixed ANOVA is when one or more factors is between groups and one or more is within


Why are 2 variables measured at one time?

Researchers can assess the combined effects of two variables as well as their independent effects


What is a main effect?

A main effect is when the different level of one factor produce significantly different effects on the dependent variable, ignoring the other factor(s)


What is an interaction?

An interaction is an effect of one variable depends on the specific level of another variable


What are the two types of interactions?

Quantitative interaction and Qualitative interaction


What is a quantitative interaction?

A quantitative interaction is when one independent variable strengthens or weakens the effect of the other independent variable but the direction of the effect does not change


What is a marginal mean?

A marginal mean is the overall mean of a column or row


What is a qualitative interaction?

A qualitative interaction occurs when one independent variable reverses it effects or changes directions depending on the level of the other independent variable (cross over interaction


When doing a two way ANOVA test, what is another name for populations?

Cells. Cells are one level of one factor and with one level of other factor(s)]