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What did Jesus tell the rich young man was the secret of eternal life?

Go sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in Heaven, then come follow me. Do not put possessions before Jesus and give to the poor.



Guidelines for Christlike living that will make us happy and lead us to eternal life


Each beatitude pairs a value with what?

a promise


What do the people who follow the beatitudes get as a reward?

they will journey safely and surely, someday reaching the kingdom of Heaven.


PEOPLE who hunger and thirst for what is right do what?

they act to make the kingdom come in this world


being pure of heart means what?

having God at the hub of your life, all of your days, thoughts, actions, and decisions are centered on and flow from God


what does peace mean?

1. coming to grips with yourself
2. means forgiving those who hurt you
3. conflict- you have to stand up for what is right
4. knowing that God made you and you are valuable to God and others


What is the outcome for people who live by the gospel?

persecution. People will hurt you by their words and actions. Because Jesus lived and spoke the truth, he was crucified.


The teaching of Jesus was what?



How did the teaching of Jesus change people's lives?

it made them see themselves, others, and the world differently