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Fixed versus Variable

Payout ___
Considered a security?
What type of account ? General or Separate
Who regulates
requires prospectus?

Fixed Annuity: Variable Annuity:
Guaranteed payout Variable payout
Not considered a security Considered a security
General Account Separate Account
Regulated by states Regulated by SEC/FINRA
No prospectus required Prospectus required


Annuity contract sub accounts are valued in units, not share

Accumulation units X NAV = Contract Value



1035 Exchange
Provision in the tax code which permits the direct transfer of one annuity contract for another without creating a taxable event

No check issued to client

Charges from insurance company may be levied


Circumstances or investment goals change

Dissatisfied with insurance company

Red Flag Alert:

Frequent 1035 Exchanges may be an indication of churning


DPPs –Introduction
Direct Participation Program


A business venture designed to pass through both income and losses to investors

Examples: Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships, Subchapter S Corporations, and Joint Ventures

Those considering DPPs as a potential investment should:

Have liquidity in other investments

Have a need for both present and future tax benefits

Be aware of the risks involved

Be able to tie up funds for a long period of time


Subscription Agreement
Suitability determination is accomplished via this document and will state the following:

Purchaser has read the prospectus (or offering memorandum) and understands the risks

Purchaser has met the net worth, income and suitability requirements

To whom the check is made payable

Limited Partners are not accepted until the General Partner signs


1. In a fixed annuity what happens

- insurance co assumes investment risk
- ins co makes the investment
- ins co guarantees a min annual return
- ins co invests owners net payments in a general account

NOT invest the contract owners net payments in a separate account


15-2 old lady should purchase a what type of annuity to protect against inflation

variable annuity


15-3 Fluctuations in the value of a variable annuity will correspond with the fluctuation in the

Value of the securities held in the separate account of the annuity


15-4 Advantages of variable annuity against fixed are

- protection over inflation
- Ability to vote regarding changes in investment policy and elect invest managers


15-5 Value of annuity owner's account during the accumulation period is

I the amount of money that the contract owner pays into annuity
II performance of the portfolios that make up the subaccounts

performance of ins cos stock in market
not AIR (annuity's assumed IR)


For a variable annuity, Assumed Interest Rate (AIR) is:

c. A bench mark rate of return that an insurance company uses to determine the annuitant's payout


15-7 A grandpa wants to buy an annuity for son 45 and grandson 15 what is best

b. joint and last survivor annuity

in this option benefit payments are made to both people in joint account then to the survivor, as long as the survivor lives


A loss from a limited partnership is passed through to a limited partner.

on the limited partner's tax return this loss is

b. is considered a passive loss and may only be deducted against passive income


Sources of risk in a limited partnership are all EXCEPT

a. possible loss of capital
b. management ability of general partner
c. change in tax laws and gov reg
d. unlimited liab

d. unlimited liab


15- 10 A limited partnership investing in raw land would be most interested in :

c. Long-term capital gain due to appreciateion