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6.8 percent

A building is baked at $215,000 and contains 4 apartments that rent for $470 each per month. The owner estimates that the bet operating income is 65 percent of the gross rental receipts. What is the capitalization rate?


A law requiring the building to be retrofitted with fire sprinklers

In the appraisal of an office building, what would be classified as external depreciation?


A reconciliation of value The date of the appraisal The report of final opinion

An appraisal report contains all of the following


An estimate of the buildings replacement cost

In the cost approach an appraiser uses what?


An existing residence

The salsa comparison approach to value would be most important when estimating the value of?


An office building

The income approach to value would be most important in the appraisal of?


Analyzing the results obtained from the three approaches to value

Reconciliation is best described as?



The income approach as used by an appraiser makes use of what?


Capitalization rate

In the income approach, the appraise makes use of?


Closely-spaced internal support columns

In an old retail building, which would most likely be an example of incurable functional obsolescence?


Divide the net operating income by the capitalization rate

The find the value of a property using the income approach to value, if the net operating income and capitalization rate were known, the appraiser would?


Economic life

The period of time over which an improvement to the property will contribute to its value is know as?


Estimate the value of a property

The purpose of an appraisal is to?


Estimating value

An appraiser is responsible for?


Functional and external depreciations

The fact that still serviceable building is torn down is an indication of?


Functional obsolescence

A house with outmoded plumbing is suffering from?


Functional obsolete

By today's standards a 4 bedroom house with one bathroom would be considered to be?


Income approach

An appraiser has been hired to prepare an appraisal on a property that includes an element old mansion that is now used as an insurance company office. Which approach to value would the appraiser rely on most?


Income generated by the property

When appraising a commercial al property, the appraiser is most concerned with the?


Loss of value due to uncollected delinquent rent Estimated loss attributable to an outdated heating system Quality of materials and workmanship in the original structure

When estimating the value of property using the cost approach, all of the following would be considered by the appraiser



What is not a characteristic of value?


Physical depreciation

Defined as a loss in value from any cause, depreciation is generally divided into three categories. The loss of value due to the normal wear and tear on a property is called?


Poorly maintained properties in the neighborhood

What would be classified as external depreciation?


Real estate taxes Management fees Utilities

In the income approach what is considered when calculation the net operating income?


Real estates loss of value from any cause

The term depreciation refers to?



A buyer is considering the purchase of an apartment building in an area where there is limited multi-family zoning. This situation would be best described by the economic characteristic of?


Sold in the last six months Sold recently and is located in the same neighborhood Sold recently but is located on a much larger lot

An appraiser who is using the sale comparison approach to value would use all of the following comparable properties...


The appraisers analysis and comparison of the results of each appraisal approach

Reconciliation is an appraisal term used to describe?


The cost approach

Using what would require the value of the land to be calculated separately from the value of the improvements.


The cost approach to value

It is necessary to calculate a dollar value for depreciation when using what?


The estimated replacement cost of the building

In the cost approach to value, the appraiser makes use of?


The highest and best use of the parcel The most probable price the parcel will bring The physical dimensions of the parcel

An appraiser has been employed to estimate the market value of a parcel of vacant land. The resulting appraisal report would include reference to.


The income approach

In the valuation of a large apartment complex, the most weight would be given to which approach to value?


The relationship of the sales prices to the gross rental income

The gross rent multiplier is used as a guideline for estimating value based on?


The sales price

The market price of real estate is generally the same as?


The value of the comparable will be adjusted upwards.

The subject property has three bedrooms and two baths. A comparable property has two bedrooms and one bath. What is true?