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The process by which boundaries are measured by calculating the dimensions and area to determine the exact location of a piece of land



What are the three basic methods that can be used to describe real estate

Metes and bounds.
Rectangular survey.
Lot and block


The oldest type of legal description. A properties physical features to determine the boundaries the measurements of the parcel

Metes-and-bounds method


This description always starts at a designated place on the parcel

Point of beginning


Fixed objects used to identify the point of beginning, the ends of the boundary segment, or the location of intersecting boundaries



Sometimes called the government survey system was established by Congress in 1785 to standardize the description of land acquired by the newly formed federal government. The system is based on two sets of intersecting lines principal meridians and base lines

Rectangular survey system


What runs north and south

Principal meridians


What runs east and west



Lines running east and west, parallel to the baseline and 6 miles apart,

Township lines


What does each township contain

36 sections. Each section is one square mile, or 640 acres


What should legal descriptions always include

The name of the county and state in which the land is located because meridians often relate to more than one state and occasionally related to two base lines


When surveying land, a surveyor refers to the principal meridian that is?

Within the rectangular survey system area in which the land being surveyed is located


And describing real estate, the system that uses feet, degrees, and natural and artificial markers as a monument is?

Metes and bounds


A buyer purchased a 1 acre parcel for $2.15 per square foot. What is the selling price of the parcel



The legal description of the northwest 1/4of the southwest 1/4 of section 6, Township 4 N., Range 7 W. is defective because there is no reference to?

Principal meridian


To keep the principal Meridian and range lines is near to 6 miles apart as possible, a correction known as a government check is made. How large is the government check?

20 square miles


Fractional section from the rectangular survey system along the northern and western borders of the check that are less than a quarter section and area are known as?

Government lots


Buyer A purchased 4.5 acres of land for $78,400. And adjoining owner wants to purchase a strip of A's land measuring 150 feet by hundred feet. What should the strip cost the adjoining owner if a sells it for the same price per square-foot originally paid for the property?



A property contains 10 acres. How many lots of not less than 50 feet by hundred feet can be subdivided from the property of 26,000 ft.² were dedicated to roads?



A parcel of land is 400' x 640'. The parcel cut in half diagonally by a stream. How many acres are there in each half the parcel



A detailed way of describing a parcel of land for document such as deeds and mortgages that will be excepted in a court of law

Legal description