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A Cisco 1841 Router has what interfaces?

  • 2 FastEthernet Interfaces: f0/0 and f0/1.
  • 2 Serial Interfaces: S0/0/0 and S0/0/1


How many cabling standards can a DB-60 Serial port support?

Five different cabling types.


What are the benefits of a Smart Serial Cable?

It is supported by newer routers and allows for more data to be forwarded across few pins. It is a 26-pin connector and is much smaller supporting DTE or DCE configurations.


What pins does an Ethernet Cable use to transmit/recieve data?

It uses pins 1, 2, 3, and 6.


What two types of cables can be used with Ethernet LAN interfaces?

  • A straight-through or patch cable, with the order of the colored pins the same on each end.
  • A Cross-Over cable, with pin 1 connected to pin 3, and pin 2 connected to pin 6.


What is a Straight-through cable used for?

  • Switch to Router
  • Switch to PC
  • Hub to PC
  • Hub to Server


What is a Cross-Over cable used for?

  • Switch to Switch
  • PC to PC
  • Switch to Hub
  • Hub to Hub
  • Router to Router
  • Router to Server


What mode and command is used to keep unsolicited output separate from y our input?

configuration mode and logging synchronous


True or false: A router cannot have multiple interfaces that belong to the same IP subnet?

True, for example, the f0/0 interface is configured at and the f0/1 interface configured at will cause an overlap error.


What is DTE?

Data Terminal Equipment.


What is DCE?

Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment.


What command allows you to monitor router operations in real time?



How would you remove a directly connected network from a router?

shutdown and no ip address


What is CDP?

Cisco Discovery Protocol.


What command allows the visual information of other Cisco equipment?

show cdp neighbors and show cdp neighbors detail.


How do you disable CDP and why?

In config mode, use the command no cdp run. The reason to disable it is because it might be a secuiryt risk due to CDP advertisements being sent out by the router.


What are the two ways a router can learn about remote networks?

  • Manually, from configured static routes.
  • Automatically, from a dynamic routing protocol.


What is a stub network?

A stub network is a network accesed by a single route.


What command would be used to setup a static route?

  • R1# debug ip routing
  • R1# conf t
  • R1(config)# ip route
  • The last IP is the Serial 0/0/0 interface IP on R2, which is the next hop in the network.