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Their travels took them to the Bahamas, 'thence' south to Venezuela.

from that place; from that fact or circumstance : therefrom


A large and 'boisterous' crowd attended the concert.

noisily turbulent : rowdy; marked by or expressive of exuberance and high spirits


The car skidded to a 'halt'.

having a manner of walking that is impaired by a limp : lame


1. In the thick, 'fervent' air of a tropical afternoon...
2. A 'fervent' speech that called for tolerance and compassion for those who are different...

1. very hot : glowing
2. exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling : zealous


The gravy began to 'congeal' in the pan.
The surface of the pond 'congealed' after several days of frigid temperatures

to make rigid, fixed, or immobile; to change from a fluid to a solid state by or as if by cold


There is nothing quite so 'forlorn' as a closed factory.

1. bereft; forsaken; abandoned; deserted
2. being in poor condition : miserable, wretched


The 'dilapidated' ruins of a large gate...

to bring into a condition of decay or partial ruin


As I have 'oft' said, you need to look before you leap



I will answer his letter 'anon'.

soon; presently


Our family enjoyed a 5-day 'sojourn' in the mountains.

a temporary stay


A lawyer at the 'meridian' of his career arguing a case...

1. (archaic) the hour of noon : midday
2. a high point, as of development or prosperity


'Avast' the ship at once!

a nautical command to stop or cease


That statement is completely 'arrant'!

being notoriously without moderation : extreme


1. The old fisherman 'toped' as he reminisced his past.
2. A 'tope' is an alternate name for the school shark.

1. to drink liquor to excess
2. a small slender cosmopolitan shark (Galeorhinus galeus)


The lottery winner was exhausted after a long night of 'revelry'.

noisy partying : merrymaking


The shop is filled with a whimsical 'farrago' of antiques.

a confused mixture : hodgepodge


Because of their past crimes, everything they do now will be subject to 'scrutiny'.

1. a searching study, inquiry, or inspection : examination
2. close watch : surveillance


The 'incessant' noise from an outside repair crew was a great distraction.

continuing or following without interruption : unceasing


His father 'expostulated' with him about the evils of gambling.

1. (obsolete) discuss; examine
2. to reason earnestly with a person for purposes of dissuasion or remonstrance : debate; argue with


This may not be such an 'outlandish' idea; in fact, there’s a good precedent.

1. strikingly out of the ordinary : bizarre
2. of or relating to another country : foreign


The first, rudimentary, covered the basics of prayer and 'ablutions'.

the washing of one's body or part of it (as in a religious rite)