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He was 'accosted' by three gang members on the subway.

to approach and speak to someone often in a challenging or aggressive way


A successful businessman and 'withal' a major contributor to local charities...

together with this : besides


We received a 'cordial' greeting from our hostess at the party.

relating to the heart; showing or marked by hearty friendliness, favor, or approval; sincerely or deeply felt


These patients are facing 'imminent' death.

ready to take place


A psychologist who 'eschews' the traditional methods of psychotherapy...

to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds : shun, reject


One of the city's main 'thoroughfares'...

a way or place for passage : a street open at both ends, a main road


A ghastly sight that would 'affright' any person...

frighten; alarm


The 'stalwart' soldiers in the army of Alexander the Great...

marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit


The dove is 'emblematic' of the organization's mission to bring peace.

of, relating to, or constituting an emblem : symbolic, representative


Look 'yonder' and you'll see the marvelous skyline of the city.

at or in that indicated more or less distant place usually within sight


He managed to keep his 'countenance' through the tribulation.

facial expression; mental composure; calm expression


The photos show the 'desolation' of war.

a state of complete emptiness or destruction; loneliness and grief


You sounded so 'doleful' and miserable about your future that night.

causing grief or affliction; full of grief