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When a hostname is configured through the Cisco CLI, which three naming conventions are part of the guidelines? (Choose three.)

The hostname should be fewer than 64 characters in length, the hostname should contain no spaces, the hostname should begin with a letter


Fill in the blank.
In order to test end-to-end connectivity, you would use the ______ command.

Ping, trace, tracert, traceroute


Why would a technician enter the command copy startup-configrunning-config?

To copy an existing configuration into RAM


To save time, IOS commands may be partially entered and then completed by typing which key or key combination?



Which two functions are provided to users by the context-sensitive help feature of the Cisco IOS CLI? (Choose two.)

Displaying a list of all available commands within the current mode, determining which option, keyword, or argument is available for the entered command


What command will prevent all unencrypted passwords from displaying in plain text in a configuration file?

(config)#service password-encryption


Fill in the blank.
The component of the operating software that provides the user interface is called the _____.



True or false?
Mobile devices do not require IP addresses to communicate on the Internet.



Passwords can be used to restrict access to all or parts of the Cisco IOS. Select the modes and interfaces that can be protected with passwords. (Choose three.)

VTY interface, console interface, privileged EXEC mode


Which device acts as a gateway to allow hosts to send traffic to remote IP networks?

local router


An administrator has just changed the IP address of an interface on an IOS device. What else must be done in order to apply those changes to the device?

Nothing must be done. Changes to the configuration on an IOS device take effect as soon as the command is typed correctly and the Enter key has been pressed.


A technician configures a switch with these commands:

SwitchA(config)#interface vlan 1
SwitchA(config-if)#ip address
SwitchA(config-if)#no shutdown

What is the technician configuring?



Which two statements are true regarding the user EXEC mode? (Choose two.)

The device prompt for this mode ends with the “>” symbol, only some aspects of the router configuration can be viewed.


How is SSH different from Telnet?

SSH provides security to remote sessions by encrypting messages and using user authentication. Telnet is considered insecure and sends messages in plaintext.


An IT technician has manually configured an IP address on a laptop for a new employee. Each time the employee tries to connect to the LAN, the employee receives a duplicate IP address error message. What can the company do to prevent this situation from arising again?

Use DHCP to automatically assign addresses.