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Female pubertal events

Growth spurt
Thelarche (breast development)
Adrenarche (growth of pubic har d/t androgen stimulation)
Menarche (onset of menses)


Tanner scale

A commonly used scale for staging sexual maturity. The Tanner scale divides sexual physical maturity into five stages that extend from the preadolescence to the adult. The Tanner scale relies on the development of breast and the growth of pubic hair. Not appropriate to use for determining chronological age.


Tanner scale, not appropriate for ..

Determining chronological age or for use in staging individuals of Asian ethnicity because of the variability in timing of stages and of pubic hair growth.


Menstrual cycle variations ...

The first several menstrual cycles usually do not result in ovulation, and often a girl's first-year experience of menstruating is characterized by irregular anovulatory cycles, along with heavy bleeding.


Tanner Stage 1

Tanner Stage 1: Preadolescent, ages 10 - 14
Breasts: elevation of nipple only
Pubic hair: none except for vellus hair, which if fine body hair like that noted on the abdomen.


Tanner Stage 2

"Breast bud stage"
Breasts: elevation of the breast and nipples and the areola widens.
Pubic hair: sparse, long, and only slightly curly. Observed mainly on the labia.


Tanner Stage 3

Middle adolescence, ages 12 - 14
Breasts: breast and areola are enlarged further with increased elevation of the breast and nipple; however, there is no separation of their contours.
Pubic hair: Pubic hair growth begins to occur over the mons pubis, and hair is now darker, coarser, and curlier.


Tanner Stage 4

Breasts: areola and nipple forming a secondary mound with projection of the nipple
Pubic hair: adult type but observed over a smaller area with none noted on the thighs.


Tanner Stage 5

Late adolescence, ages 14 - 16
Breasts: fully mature, only the nipple protrudes as the areola is usually flush with the breast contour. However, a normal variation is for the areola to continue as a secondary mound.
Pubic hair: normal adult type: thick, coarse, and curly, spreads onto the medial surfaces of the thighs. Adult female hair pattern, inverted triangle, is observed.


Sample questions during health interviews for adolescents

"Tell me about your friends or who you hang out with."
"How would you describe yourself in relation to your friends?"


Perimenopausal years

Estrogen levels decrease leading to:
- vasomotor symptoms of hot flashes and flushes.

Others: decrease in the size of genitalia, changes in breast structure, decrease skin elasticity.