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What are the four itemized items NOT phased out?

1) Gambling loss
2) Investment interest expense
3) Medical expense
4) Casualty and theft


Medical Expense - Itemized Deduction?

- Can be on behalf of filing taxpayer, spouse, or dependent who receives over half support from taxpayer
- Timing of deduction is either when paid for expense in cash or check during the year or even when charged credit card


Medical Expense calculation for itemized deduction?

Qualified Medical Expenses
- (any Insurance Reimbursements)
Qualified Medical Expense "Paid"
- (10% of AGI)
Deductible Medical Expense


What are examples of (itemized) DEDUCTIBLE medical expenses?

- Medicine and drugs (prescription
- Doctors
- Medical and accident insurance
- Medical accident insurance (including qualified long term care premiums)
- Required surgery
- Transportation to medical facility
- Physically disabled costs


What are examples of (not itemized) NONdeductible medical expenses?

- Elective surgery (dem big boobies) UNLESS for a deformity
- Vitamins
- Life insurance
- Capital expenditures (up to increase in FMV of property meaning the cost that DIDNT improve your home)
- Health club memberships
- Personal hygiene (exp. toothpaste, tamponz)


The itemized deduction phase out may not?

Be reduced below 80% of the amount allowed before phase out


What taxes ARE itemized deductions?

State, Local, and Foreign Taxes ONLY (remember, Federal = Fuck no)


Real Estate taxes?

- Usually state, local, and foreign tax
- Taxpayer must be legally obligated to pay it
- prorate taxes in year of sale/purchase
- taxes paid under protest are deductible, if you get any money back though you have to then include it as income
- Real estate taxes DO NOT include street, sewer, or sidewalk


Income Taxes?

- Usually state, local, and foreign tax
- estimated taxes paid during year are deductible
- withheld taxes from paychecks during year deductible
- assessments paid during year for prior year's tax are deductible


Personal Property Tax?

This is state and local, itemized


Sales tax?

Taxpayer may elect to deduct either state and local income tax OR state and local general sales taxes.


What are the Nondeductible (cant use as itemized) taxes then?

1) Federal taxes (including social security, remember fuck no)
2) Inheritance taxes (also called federal estate pick up tax)
3) Business (on schedule C) and rental property tax (on Schedule E)


Home Mortgage Interest itemized deduction?

Only on 1st and 2nd home
acquisition indebtedness - this can be for reconstruction, interest up to 1,000,000
home equity indebtedness - not used to improve home, debt secured against home and up to 100,000 equity in home


Investment interest expense?

Can only be netted against interest income, meaning just like gambling win/loss you cannot have an investment loss, ALSO note that any interest expense used to purchase a TAX FREE bond like municipal bond cannot be included


For charitable contributions (itemized deduction) what is included?

Cash or FMV of Property given
Overall limit = 50% AGI
Cash - may be all 50%
General property - lesser of basis or FMV
Long-term appreciated property - is limited to the lesser
30% AGI or the remaining amount to reach 50% AGI

Note that any extra charitable contributions can be carried forward for 5 years


Casualty theft losses?

Smaller loss (lost cost/adjusted basis vs decrease FMV)
- (Insurance recovery)
Taxpayers loss
- ($100) from IRS
Eligible Loss
- (10% AGI)
Deductible Loss


Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions (SUBJECT TO 2% AGI)?

Unreimbursed business expenses must be an employEE
exp. union dues, travel and meals and lodging


Transportation expenses are?

100% deductible, if you are going to a 2nd job from 1st job that is okay


Meals and entertainment expenses?

50% deductible


Educational expenses (itemized)?

maintain or improve skills needed for job or MEET THE EXPRESS REQUIREMENTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL'S employer


The deduction for interest expense on investment indebtedness is ?

limited to net investment income (investment income less investment expenses).


Davis, a sole proprietor with no employees, has a Keogh profit-sharing plan to which he may contribute and deduct 25% of his annual earned income. For this purpose, "earned income" is defined as net self-employment earnings reduced by the:

For Keogh plans, earned income is defined as net self-employment earnings reduced by the amount of the allowable Keogh deduction and ½ the self-employment tax.


Which of the following statements is correct regarding the deductibility of an individual's medical expenses?

A medical expense deduction is allowed for payments made in the current year for medical services received in earlier years.