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What are factors fueling collaborative consumption?

1. Economic recession increasing demand for low-cost options
2. Unemployed pople looking for income
3. Environmental benefits


What are costs that sharing economy startups save?

1. Capital investment
2. Utilities
3. Maintenance


What is a major issues for online ratings?

Can reflect crowd's bias and reinforce discrimination


What are three challenges that Uber face?

1. Regulatory concerns
2. Maintenance of a quality service
3. Uncertainty of expanding in global markets


What is a social graph?

Refers to the global mapping of users and organizations and how they are connected


What are the four differences in competitive dynamics of smartphones?

1. Access to address book
2. Access to phone's media library
3. Push notifications
4. Icon on home screen


What are two important technological components of facebook?

1. Open Source Software (OSS): Software that is free and whose code can be accessed by anyone
2. Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Refers to systems distributed throughout the internet to help improve delivery speeds of web pages


What is content adjacency?

Concern that advertisement will run near offensive material


What are the three main reasons people are offline?

1. Data is too expensive to many of the poor
2. Services are not designed for emerging markets
3. Content is not compelling enough to draw in non-users