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Who did Jesus pass on his authority to?
A. John
B. Luke
C. Peter

C. Peter


What did Peter constantly preach about?
A. Living the gospel
B. Restoration of the kingdom
C. The spreading of the Church

B. Restoration of the kingdom


What was Stephen accused of?
A. Blasphemy
B. Sorcery
C. Treason

A. Blasphemy


Who did Peter heal at the temple which ended up getting the apostles arrested?
A. Leper
B. Blind man
C. Crippled begger

C. Crippled beggar


Where did the apostles turn to help them decide if they should replace Judas?
A. Jesus
B. Scripture
C. Prayer

B. Scripture


Where did the early Christians celebrate the Eucharist?
A. The temple
B. The synagogue
C. Their houses

C. Their houses


Which one is NOT one of the initial 7 bishops?
A. Timon
B. Prochorus
C. Tarkan

C. Tarkan


What marked the beginning of the anti- Christian movement?
A. Stoning of Stephen
B. Jesus' ascension
C. Saul's conversion

A. Stoning of Stephen


Who was elected to take the place of Judas as an apostle?
A. Mark
B. Matthias
C. Paul

B. Matthias


What is the celebration called when the Holy Spirit came to the apostles?
A. Advent
B. Ascension
C. Pentecost

C. Pentecost


Who was the first martyr of the Christian Church?
A. Phillip
B. Stephen
C. Thomas

B. Stephen


How was Stephen put to death?
A. Crucifixion
B. Hanging
C. Stoning

C. Stoning


What does the history of the Christian Church begin with?
A. Creation
B. Jesus' birth
C. Jesus' death

A. Creation


Wh are the successors of the Apostles?
A. Priest
B. Bishops
C. Monks

B. Bishops


What must you do, to FULLY understand the Old Testament?
A. Live it
B. Study it
C. Read the New Testament

C. Read the New Testament


What is the Passover known as that is a celebration of the past and future?
A. New Genesis
B. New Exodus
C. New Life

B. New Exodus


When did Isaiah say that the restoration of the kingdom would begin?
A. Galilee
B. Egypt
C. Rome

A. Galilee


When were converts baptized n the early church?
A. Easter
B. Christmas
C. Ash Wednesday

A. Easter


Compare Adam and Jesus

Adam - Son of God / tempted by devil and failed / disobeyed God / brought sin and death to humanity

Jesus - Only begotten Son of God / tempted by devil and resisted / obedient, even in death / saved humanity from sin and death


Compare the Great Flood and Baptism.

The Great Flood - 40 days and nights of rain / new creation begins with water / God says be fruitful and multiply

Baptism - 40 days and nights of fasting and penance / our creation begins with water / God tells us to fill the earth with Christians


Compare Moses and Jesus.

Moses - born in ruthless Pharaoh's reign - escaped execution / changed water to blood / led Israelites out of Egypt

Jesus - born in ruthless Herod'd reign - escaped execution / changed water to wine and wine to blood / led all people out of sin and death


Compare Old Kings of Israel and Jesus.

Old Kings of Israel - descended from David / anointed by Levites / built the temple / promised an everlasting kingdom

Jesus - descended from David / baptized by the Levites / rebuilt temple of the body / receives the everlasting kingdom


Why did Jesus continue to come back to apostles after his resurrection?

To prepare them for their ministry


What one characteristic did the man who replaced Judas have to have?

Had to be witness to Jesus' earthly ministry


What did Peter say when he oiled heal people?

"In the name of Jesus Christ"