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From where and to where did Phillip travel the desert road?
A. Jerusalem to Ethiopia
B. Gaza to Jerusalem
C. Jerusalem to Gaza

C. Jerusalem to Gaza


Which subject areas did Saul study?

1. Philosophy
2. Literature
3. Scripture


What did Jesus pass on to Peter?
A. Kingship
B. Authority
C. Wisdom

B. Authority


What did Peter constantly preach about?
A. Living the gospels
B. Restoration
C. The spreading of the Church

B. Restoration


What was Stephen accused of?
A. Blasphemy
B. Treason
C. Sorcery

A. Blasphemy


When was the Council of Jerusalem ?
A. 40 AD
B. 60 AD
C. 50 AD

C. 50 AD


Who did Peter heal at temple that led to the arrest of the Apostles?
A. A leper man
B. A crippled beggar
C. A blind man

B. A crippled beggar


When many Christians fled Jerusalem where did they go?
A. Antioch
B. Rome
C. Galilee

A. Antioch


Who or what helped the Apostle decide if they should replace Judas?
A. Prayer
B. Scripture
C. Jesus

B. Scripture


Where did the early Christians celebrate the Eucharist?
A. In the temple
B. In the synagogue
C. In their homes

C. In their homes


What was Saul's skill or talent?
A. Carpentry
B. Tent making
C. Blacksmith

B. Tent making


Which is NOT true about Saul?
A. He was born in Jerusalem
B. He was a Roman citizen
C. He was raised in the Jewish Church

A. He was born in Jerusalem


Who was the only man to trust Saul after his conversion?
A. Peter
B. Barnabas
C. Luke

B. Barnabas


Wh showed the parallel in Peter and Paul's ministry?
A. Paul
B. Luke
C. Matthew

B. Luke


Who was the Apostle to the Gentiles?
A. Paul
B. Luke
C. Peter

A. Paul


How was Paul executed?
A. Stoning
B. Crucifixion
C. Beheaded

C. Beheaded


How was Peter executed?
A. Stoning
B. Crucifixion
C. Beheaded

B. Crucifixion


Who was appointed leader of the Christian Church?
A. Paul
B. Peter
C. Luke

B. Peter


What two stories of miracles did the Christians like to tell the May?

1. Jesus' resurrection
2. Saul's conversion


What are the 4 advantages that Paul had when he began his ministry?

1. He was educated - able to talk to all people
2. He was a Roman citizen
3. He studied the Scriptures
4. He had logic to help hi make decisions in the church


What are three similarities betweenPaul and Peter that is highlighted in the Acts of the Apostles?

1. Heals the lame
2. Rescued from prison
3. Fulfillment of the Davidic covenant
4. Refused to be worshipped as a god
5. Became famous for healing


Be able to discuss the advantages of Paul being a Roman citizen that were discussed in the class

Refer to your notes


Who watched over the sons of wealthy Romans?
A. Butlers
B. Priests
C. Custodians

B. Priests


Who are in charge of administering the Sacrament of Confirmation?
A. Priest
B. Deacons
C. Bishops

C. Bishops


Who was the first person to baptize a Gentile into the Christian church?
A. Thomas
B. Paul
C. Stephen

B. Paul


Where was Saul headed when he underwent his dramatic conversion?
A. Damascus
B. Tarsus
C. Antioch

A. Damascus


What did Peter and Paul's first sermons talk about?
A. Law of Moses
B. Death and resurrection of Jesus
C. Davidic Covenant

C. Davidic Covenant


Where did St. Luke prove Paul's importance as a new Apostle?
A. His gospel
B. His preaching
C. Letters to the Apostles

C. Letters to the apostles


If we can't earn righteousness - why is it important to do good deeds?

It reflects the will of God


Name the seven Sacraments

1. Baptism
2. Reconciliation
3. Eucharist
4. Confirmation
5. Matrimony
6. Anointing of the sick
7. Holy Orders