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Name some renewable energy resources

Wind turbines, wave energy, tidal energy, biomass, solar energy, geothermal, hydroelectric


Name some non renewable energy

Gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy


Where does tidal energy’s original energy source from?

Gravitational potential energy from the moon


How does a power station turn coal into energy?

Coal is combusted, releasing heat energy which boils water and turns to steam with Kinetic energy. Steam spins turbines, passing on the kinetic energy which spins the generator producing electrical energy. This is all similar to gas and oil


What are the waste materials of nuclear energy?

Daughter nuclei and their decay products


What are the 4 main ways energy can be transferred ?

Mechanically, an object moving due to a Ford on it
Electrically, a charge moving through a potential difference
By heating, energy from hotter to cooler objects
By radiation, energy transferred by waves, from the sun to Earth, light, sound


What is the principle of conservation?

Energy can be stored, transferred between stores or dissipated but can never be created or destroyed


What type of energy is often lost or wasted during transfers?

Heat/ thermal energy


Total energy input = ...

Useful energy output + wasted energy


What is efficiency and what is it measured in?

Efficiency = (useful energy output/ total energy output) x 100
It is written as a percentage and is how much of the inputed energy is actually transferred into a useful store


Give an example of wasted energy

Boiling a pan of water , most energy will be used to heat the water but some will be dissipated into the surrounding air


Name all of the energy stores

Kinetic, chemical, elastic, thermal heat, nuclear, gravitational potential


Name all of the energy transfers

Light, sound, electrical, heating heat, and work done


What is an energy transfer?

When an energy is transferred from one object to another


What is an energy store?

The capture of energy for use later, such as compressing a spring stores elastic potential and as soon as you let go it real eases work done energy and stored kinetic energy whilst it is moving