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CAD Risk factors

Modifiable: increased serum lipids, high BP, tobacco use, diabetes w/ elevated blood glucose, obesity, & sedentary lifestyle

Non-modifiable: age, gender, heredity, & ethnicity

Other: stress, sex hormones, birth control pills, excessive alcohol intake, & high homocysteine levels



Abnormal thickening, hardening, & loss of elasticity of arterial walls

Accompanies CAD


Angina Pectoris

"Angina"- chest pain: results when the demand for O2 by the myocardial cells exceeds the supply delivered

Most common symptom of CAD

Stable, unstable, & variant


Stable vs Unstable Angina

Stable- "chronic" or exertional angina: occurs w/ exercise or activity & usually subsides w/ rest

Unstable- crescendo or preinfarction angina: occurs @ rest or w/ minimal exertion. Often not relieved by nitro, or requires more nitro administration, & unpredictable


AMI (acute myocardial infarction)

Death of myocardial tissue as a result of prolonged lack of blood & O2 supply

Cardiac rehab: patient teaching- exercise, medications, cessation of smoking, & diet
❎ Phases of cardiac rehab: inpatient management, telemetry monitoring during exercise, unmonitored rehab, & maintenanc


Right vs Left sided HF

HF: inability of the heart to meet the metabolic demands of the body
❎both sides fail as pumps

Left: usually fails first

Right: fails as a result of left sided HF


CMP (cardiomyopathy)

Progressive & chronic heart muscle disease

NKC- usually leads to HF

Dilated, hypertrophic, & restrictive



Microbial infection of the endocardium that affect primarily the valves

Problem has increased w/ IV drug abusers

Patients w/ known valvular disease are @ risk for IE

Patients should be treated prophylactically before dental or invasive procedures


Mitral Stenosis

Narrowing of the opening in the mitral valve that impedes blood flow from the LA to the LV. Valve leaflets become thickened & fibrotic.

❎Rheumatic heart disease is the leading cause