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Penal Code 38.02

Failure to Identify
MC - Fail to give name, residence address, or date of birth after arrest or request.
MB - Arrested, Detained or Witness fives false name, address or DOB.
+1 if Fugutive


Penal Code 38.03

Resist Arrest, Search or Transport
MA - Intentionally prevents an officer from effecting arrest, search, or transport of actor or another using force.
F3 - Deadly Weapon


Penal Code 38.04

Evade Arrest or Detention
MA - Intentionally flee from officer attempting to lawfully arrest / detention.
SJF - Prior or Vehicle
F3 - Prior and Vehicle, SBI of 3rd Party, Use of Tire Deflation Device.
F2 - Death of 3rd Party


Penal Code 38.05

Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution.
MA - Harbor or conceal, provide with any means of avoiding arrest or effecting escape, or warns the other.
F3 - Known felon.