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A net resultant force acting on a object will...

make the object accelerate in the direction of the net force


What is the equation linking

F = ma
Newtons = Mass x Acceleration


What is 1 Newton of force

A force of 1 newton of force will give a 1kg mass an acceleration of 1m/s^2 in the direction of the force


what is the Newton composed of

Kg m/s^2


How do you calculate the weight

W =mg


What is the centre of mass of an object

An imaginary point at which the entire weight of the object acts upon


How to find the centre of gravity of a irregular and regular 2D object

1)Make a small holes along the edges of the object

2)Insert the pin through the hole and hold the pin firmly in a clamp stand

3)Allow the object to swing freely and come to rest

4)Hang a plumb line along with a vertical swing and draw a line the at which the line goes down

5)Repeat with different Holes along the exterior of the shape