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A system of government based on popular sovereignty. its key operating principle is majority rule


Good democratic government

a form of democracy where governmental powers are limited, separation of powers is maintained through checks and balances, rule of law is maintained and there is respect for political rights and freedoms


Bad democratic government

a form of democracy where governmental power is unchecked. Typically rules by law as opposed to rule of law, and ruled by men as opposed to the law


Evolution of democracy

Democracy became more prominent after the defeat of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany in 1945, accelerated by the fall of the Soviet union. nowadays 45% of the world is democratic


Absolute monarchy / absolute rule

where the head of state is an inherited position with unlimited powers e.g. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



a nation ruled by a single ruler with absolute power e.g. Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe


Rigid authoritarian regime

where a nation may call itself democratic, but lacks any criteria of a democracy e.g. the DPRK


Soft authoritarian regime

these systems may exhibit some features of democracy, but still lack the core components e.g. Russia and Turkey


One party (unitary) state

a system of government where sovereignty is geographically undivided, into a single national government


Full democracy

democracies that demonstrate strong checks and balances, rule of law and an independent judiciary. Executive power is accountable, and democratic institutions function well


Flawed democracy

a democracy that may have adequate election systems and basic respect for political and civil rights, but holds problems like low citizen participation rates or lack of media diversity


Hybrid regimes

some democratic elements, although it holds serious problems in its function. the core systems of democracy usually only partially work


Authoritarian regimes

have no tolerance for opponents of government, rights are abused, limited or no checks on power, media is controlled, no independent courts, either no or rigged elections