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What are 3 main reasons that organizations undertake projects?

To solve a business problem
To address a business need
To exploit a business opportunity


When in doubt on project issues, change requests, or if you have questions, what should you refer to?

The project management plan.


"Collecting the project (or phase) records, documenting the results, obtaining formal acceptance, and transferring the completed (or canceled) project or phase to the appropriate party" describes which Project Integration Management process?

Close Project or Phase


`What is "integrated change control?"

The process of reviewing all change requests; approving changes and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and the project management plan; and communicating their disposition


What is the PMIS (project management information system?

An information system consisting of the tools and techniques used to gather, integrate, and disseminate the outputs of the project management process. It is used to support all aspects of the project from initiating through closing, and can include both manual and automated systems.


What are enterprise environmental factors?

Conditions, not under the immediate control of the team, that influence, constrain, or direct the project, program, or portfolio.


What is the primary output of Close Project or Phase?

Final product, service, or result transition.


What are the 5 inputs of the Develop Project Chart Process?

Project statement of work
Business case
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets.


What does project integration mean?

How the project fits into the organization or enterprise.
How all the pieces or components of the project fit together.


What is the purpose of a configuration management system?

To define and document how changes to the product are to be submitted, tracked, reviewed, and approved or rejected.


What are the 5 outputs of Direct and Manage Project Work?

1. Deliverables
2. Work performance data
3. Change requests
4. Project management plan updates
5. Project documents updates


What is the project charter?

A document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activites.


Which project management process involves doing the work outlined in the project management plan to achieve the project goals?

Direct and Manage Project Work


Which project document identifies why the project should be funded and how the project meets the business needs described in the SOW?

Business Case


What is the responsibility of the change control board?

To review, evaluate, and approve or reject change requests.


What is the "initiator"?

The person or organization with the ability to authorize the project.


What is the term for "the person, or group, providing the financial resources for the project"

Project Sponsor


What are organizational process assets?

Plan, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization.


Is expert judgment an input, tool, and technique, or output?

Tool and Technique


What are the 4 outputs of the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

1. Approved change requests
2. Change log
3. Project management plan updates
4. Project documents updates


What are the Project Integration Management processes and in which Process Group does each process fit?

Developing Project Charter - Initiating
Developing Project Management Plan - Planning
Direct and Manage Project Work - Executing
Monitor and Control Project Work - Monitoring and Controlling
Perform Integrated Change Control - Monitoring and Controlling
Close Project or Phase - Closing


What is the primary deliverable of the Develop Project Charter process?

Project Charter


When does the Close Project or Phase occur?

*When the work of the project or phase is complete.
*When the work stops (before the work is complete)


What are the 2 tools and techniques of the Develop Project Management Plan process?

1. Expert judgment
2. Facilitation techniques


What is the definition of a statement of work?

A narrative description of the products, services, or results or services to be delivered by the project.


What is the term for "activities performed to bring future performance into compliance with the project management plan"?

Corrective action


Which important project document is described by the following statements? "A document, or collection of documents, created by the project manager based on input from the project team, stakeholders, management, and others, that is used to manage the project"

Project Management Plan


What are the 5 inputs to Develop Project Charter?

1. Project statement of work.
2. Business case
3. Agreements
4. Enterprise environmental factors
5. Organizational process assests


What are the 4 outputs of the Monitor and Control Project Work process?

1. Change requests
2. Work performance reports
3. Project management plan updates
4. Project documents updates


What are the key components of the project SOW?

*Business needs for the project
*Product scope description
*Strategic plan (how the project relates to the strategic plan)