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A switch may also be known as a ________

Multi-port bridge


Define the difference between a hub, switch (bridge), and a router

hub just connects network segments together. A switch/bridge segments the network using MAC addresses, and a router segments the network using logical addressing (IP and IPv6).


What are all the names for a router

router, layer 3 switch, multilayer switch


What is the purpose of a proxy server?

A proxy server keeps a LAN somewhat separated from the Internet. Handles its client-achine requests by forwarding the on to other servers. Fulfill requests for the clients


What are the benefits of a proxy server?

Doing so increases security and filtering control and has the tendency to speed up Internet access through caching of recently used web pages.


What are the benefits of dedicating applicances for a specific function?

Using appliances to offload functions such as encryption, content filtering, and VPN concentration can decrease the workload of other systems and add functionality that may be present in these dedicated devices.


Identify the environmental requirements of infrastructure devices.

A cool temperature, ample ventilation, and the proper humidity level are all key to maintaining the operation of devices like routers, switches, and appliances.