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if a company owns less than 100% of a company but more than 50%

the company is still required to consolidate 100% of accounts but must report a NCI non controlling interest.


portion of a subsidiary's stock held by another investor.

Non controlling interest


Where does NCI appear on the BS and IS

under the equity section of the consolidated balance sheet, and a separate line on the consolidated income statement


Why would a company Aquire less than 100 percent of a company

1. previous owners want to retain interest in a company
2. Buyer does not want to invest resources needed to purchase all subs stock.
3. Buyer cannot convince all the stockholders to sell
4. Smaller investment can be sufficient to achieve buyers goals


How do you value the NCI at Acquistiion

NCI reported at FV and proportioned to ownership interest.


How is Goodwill reported with NCI

attributed to each but not in ownership percentages