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chapter 5 beast from water

Ralph calls an assembly at evening. Jack talks about the beast. Simon questions whether they are the beast


"You hunters! You can laugh! But I tell you the smoke is more important than the pig... we've got to make smoke up there - or die" chapter 5

ironic. foreshadows fire burning out of control


"you littluns started all this with the fear talk. Beasts!... serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies" chapter 5

tool of control. Jack says beasts


"I wanted - to go to a place - a place I know" chapter 5

Simon unable to articulate. needs time on his own


'no one had seen the mulberry-coloured birthmark again' chapter 5

all denying the death


"he says the beast comes out of the sea" chapter 5

Jack giving it reality. beast becomes more real. method of control. increases fear


"maybe there is a beast...what I mean is... maybe its only us... we could be sort of..." Simon became inarticulate in his effort to express mankind's essential illness...Simon's efforts fell about him in ruins; the laughter beat him cruelly and he shrank away defenceless to his seat' chapter 5

Simon trying to explain mankinds essential illness - beast is inside them. doesn't speak after this until moments of his death. context link to war. Simon is an outsider


"what are we? humans? or animals? or savages?... going off - hunting pigs - letting fires out - and now" chapter 5

Piggy summing up Golding's idea of humanity through the use of punctuation of emphasise the collapse of civilisation and descent into savagery. shows a crisis is happening and that blood lust is taking over them


"Bollocks to the rules!" chapter 5

Jack. use of profanity. collapse of civilisation


"We'll be like animals. we'll never be rescued" chapter 5

Ralph losing control for the first time. saying beats within all of them will rise


chapter 6 beast from air

Sam and Eric create fire which goes out of control. Jack's second bid for leadership. go to castle rock. see parachutist


'he was back where he came from, feeding the ponies with sugar over the garden wall. Then someone was shaking his arm, telling him that it was time for tea' chapter 6

Ralph is an escapist. idyllic imagery. daydreams used to comfort him


"we don't need the conch anymore. we know who ought to say things. it's time people knew they've got to keep quiet" chapter 6

Jack as dictator - id


'there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick' chapter 6

Simon sees beast as human


"this would make a wizard fort!" chapter 6

Jack. adjective wizard - really cool and childish response. wants to play with the weapons


chapter 7 shadows and tall trees - light to make shadow - civilisation, but longer shadows because of tall trees shows greater savagery

Ralph kills boar. leave castle rock to find beast. interested in killing Robert who they torture. Simon and Ralph talk.


'cut this filthy hair right back to half an inch' chapter 7

Ralph - metaphor for civilisation


"you'll get back to where you came from" chapter 7

mystic. Simon is aware he is not going to make it because of the collapse of civilisation and he is the outsider. repetition of personal pronoun - not we - not him. foreshadowing his end


"you're batty" chapter 7

Ralph's opinion of Simon meaning weird because he is an outsider


'mummy had still been with them and daddy came home every day. wild ponies came to the stone wall at the bottom of the garden... you could go indoors when you were cold and look out the window... there was a bowl of cornflakes with sugar and cream... everything was all right; everything was good humoured and friendly' chapter 7

Ralph. linked to time before war. increasing desire to escape. innocence. section of daydream is written in second person - more sympathetic - makes Ralph's longings clear for the reader


'the bushes crashed' chapter 7

just after daydream. violence. interruption of daydream. onomatopoeia


'Ralph was full of fright and apprehension and pride' chapter 7

wounded the boar. how easy it was to fall to become a savage


'Robert squealed in mock terror, then in real pain' chapter 7

ritual killing practised


'Ralph, carried away by a sudden thick excitement, grabbed Eric's spear and jabbed at Robert with it' chapter 7

deliberate Golding has chosen Ralph to show mankinds essential illness


"Kill the pig! cut his throat! kill the pig! bash him in!" chapter 7

changed pronoun from her to him to show the reality of killing a boy. the pronoun also shows it could be any of them - linked to war


"use a littlun" chapter 7

Jack. after everybody laughed - potential murder of a child is laughed about - savagery


'he slashed with the spear' chapter 7

sibilance shows Jack's terrorising actions


'a dark figure moved against the tide' chapter 7

Roger comes alive at times of darkness


'impervious Roger' chapter 7

no one can get through to him - sociopath


chapter 8 gift for the darkness

Jack challenges Ralph. fire on sand. Jacks tribe kill sow. Simon talks to the Lord of the Flies


'Jack interrupted him' chapter 8

short sentences to show power struggles


'the beast is a hunter' chapter 8

ironic reply


"I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you" chapter 8

Jack. playground language - still innocent? more shocking because they should be innocent but they're not


"I think we ought to climb the mountain" chapter 8

Simon wants to seek truth. intent is that good must overcome evil - Golding thinking about humanity as a whole


'what they might become in darkness nobody cared to think... there was a suggestion of panic in energy and hysteria in the cheerfulness' chapter 8

more emphasis on fear dominating them


'the same way as he went himself' chapter 8

referring to Jack and where he went. stress is building up. doesn't respect him. loss of identity. trope - evil character can't say name


'he knelt down and the arrow of the sun fell on him' chapter 8



'each of them wore the remains of a black cap... their voices had been the song of angels' chapter 8

Jack's army. explicit reference to fallen angels


'about the beast. when we kill we'll leave some of the kill for it' chapter 8

repetition of kill - desire. sacrificial offering. clearly linked to savages


'trotted' chapter 8

animal like or alternatively childish


Roger chapter 8

commits infanticide 'one piglet, rushed into the sea trailing Roger's spear behind it'


'Jack was on top of the sow, stabbing downward with his knife. Roger found a lodgment for his point and began to push till he was leaning with his whole weight' chapter 8

gang rape. very violent penetration. sexual excitement about overpowering her. Jack is the id. extended metaphor of rape - 'the spear moved forward inch by inch and the terrified squealing became a high-pitched scream'. primitive, brutal, savage


"sharpen a stick at both ends" chapter 8

savagery and loss of innocence. Jack controlling Roger


'the half-shut eyes were dim with the infinite cynicism of adult life' chapter 8

Simon has little faith in humanity


'tormenting heat' chapter 8

pathetic fallacy. linked to simon


'in front of Simon the Lord of the Flies hung on his stick and grinned' chapter 8

pig's head. beelzebub - devil - literally means the Lord of the Flies. the biblical name Beelzebub, a powerful demon in hell sometimes thought to be the devil himself


'demoniac figures with faces of white and red and green rushed out howling, so that the littluns fled screaming... they grabbed half-burnt branches and raced away along the beach' chapter 8

savage. Prometheus - stole fire from Gods


'the group of boys looked at the white shell with affectionate respect' chapter 8



"without the fire we can't be rescued. I'd like to put on war-paint and be a savage. But we must keep the fire burning" chapter 8

Ralph is ego - balance between the super ego and the id. savagery vs civilisation


"you are a silly little boy... just an ignorant silly little boy... you'd better run off and play with the others. they think you're batty. there isn't anyone to help you. only me. and i'm the beast... you know perfectly well you'll only meet me down there... you're not wanted... we shall do you" chapter 8

the Lord of the Flies talking to Simon. foreshadowing Simon's death. symbolic experience. he can hear voice. good vs evil. anyone can be evil. pig's head rules flies, evil rules boys. flies feed on the hell/evil just as the boys feed on each other. 'down there' - hell or beach alternative interpretation