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Upon what does Judge Wargrave reflect about the Seton Case?

He reflected that Seton made a good impression on the jury but Mr. Justice Wargrave cooked Seton's goose and found him guilty to the death penalty.


What discovery does Rogers make when he goes to clear the dishes from the dining room?

He found that there were only 9 instead of 10 China figures in the center of the table.


How did Arthur Richmond die?

General Macarthur sent him out to war to die.


Who was Hugo?

Cyril's uncle and Vera Claythorne's boyfriend.


What news does Rogers bring to Dr. Armstrong?

That Mrs Rogers won't wake up.


What are the guests anxious about their first morning on the island?

That Fred Narracott wasn't going to pick them up in the boat.


What news does Armstrong brake immediately after breakfast?

That Mrs. Rogers died in her sleep.


What conclusion does General Macarthur make about their being lured to the island?

That the boat not coming wasn't an accident and it's part of the whole business. They motor boat's not coming and they're stuck on the island and none of them will ever leave.


What has Rogers particularly upset at the end of chapter 6?

That every time someone dies, one of the 10 China Indian figures in the center of the table disappear and that there are only 8.


What does Emily Brent suspect about the Rogers?

She suspected that the Rogers accusation of murdering Jennifer Brady was true and that Mrs. Rogers died of fear and was guilty.


Who was Beatrice Taylor?

She was in service with Emily Brent and threw herself off a bridge. Vera thinks she did it because of Emily Brent's hardness that drove her to do it.


How does Armstrong suspect the Rogers killed their employer?

He thought that they used amyl nitrate and if it is inhaled, it might be fatal.


Why doesn't Lombard believe that Mrs. Rogers killed herself?

Because they thought Anthony Marston killed himself but two suicides and 12 hours is too much.


What do Lombard and Armstrong conclude about the nursery rhyme?

That it fits too well to be a coincidence and that it's another kind of puzzle.


After their search, what do Blore, Lombard, and Armstrong conclude about the island?

That there was no hiding spot on the island in caves.


Which of the characters has excepted his/her fate and waits patiently for the outcome?

General Macarthur


How has Emily Brent decided to pass the time?

By knitting


What is the sound that Blore, Lombard, and Armstrong hear from upstairs?

Foot steps that turn out to be Mr. Rogers moving his things into another bedroom.


After searching the entire house, what do Blore, Lombard, and Armstrong conclude?

That there is no one on the island but their eight selves.