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Explain the difference between application software and system software.

Application softwares enables users to complete a particular application or task, such as word processing, investment analysis, data manipulation, or project management.

System software enables applications to run on a computer. It also manages the interaction between the CPU, memory, storage, input/output devices, and other computer components.


Enumerate the different generations of programming languages and explain how they differ

a) First Generation - Machine language: It is the only language that computer hardware understands. It need to create long strings of 0s and 1s.

b) Second Generation - Assembly language: made programming somewhat easier because they aggregated common commands into “words”, although many of the “words” are not English-like.

c) Third-generation languages (3GLs) - known as “procedural” languages as programmer must detail logical procedure.One 3GL statement = 5 to 10 assembly language statements.

d) Fourth-generation languages (4GLs) - more English-like than commands in 3GL procedural languages. Speed up the development process. They are built around database management systems. One 4GL statement = several 3GL statements.


Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Higher-Level Programming

a) Ease of learning the language
b) Ease of programming
c) Significantly shorter code
d) Ease of debugging
e) Ease of maintenance

a) Less control over hardware
b) Less efficient memory use
c) Programs run slower


Explain the types and uses of Website design tools

Website design tools are used to develop and change the content of webpages

Popular packages include:
a) Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Expression Web
b) Avanquest WebEasy Professional,
c) Adobe CS2/Dreamweaver

Newer software enables websites implemented using a blog environment, such as Wordpress.

Some of the uses are for development of icons, animations


Clarify the differences between proprietary software and open source software

Proprietary software:
a) Sold/licensed for profit
b) Source code is private and not available
c) Developer retains all rights to the software; user purchases a license to use the software

Open source software:
a) Free source code
b) Developed through voluntary collaboration of programmers
c) Reviewed by many programmers hence, there are fewer bugs
d) Eg. Mozilla Firefox, MySQL, Linux


What are the advantages of open source software over proprietary software?

a) It has fewer bugs because thousands of independent programmers review the code
b) It can offer more innovative features by incorporating ideas from a diverse set of experts from different countries and cultures who collaborate
c) Free for all to

However, one major disadvantage:
a) Development and support depend on the continued effort of an army of volunteers


List characteristics that are important in evaluating packaged software applications for business use

a) Cost
b) Fitness for purpose
c) Ease of learning to use
d) Ease of use
e) Compatibility with other software
f) Reputation of vendor
g) Cost


Understand the problem of software piracy and how it affects businesses and consumers

It is a significant problem. The latest estimate of the cost of software piracy is USD 114 billion. Consumers who download pirated software may not receive the full service and support as the authentic copy. Worse case is that they could get virus while downloading from fishy websites.