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A separate and distinct ventilation or exhaust system shall be provided for ____________.

Incompatible materials


Duct systems operating at elevated temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit shall have clearances from combustible materials of not less than _______ inch(es).

18 inches


Every exhaust duct conveying explosive or flammable vapors, fumes or dusts shall terminate outside of the building with clearance to any openable window or fresh air intake of not less than ________ feet.

10 feet


Galvanized steel and aluminum ducts shall not be used when temperature of the material exceeds _________ degrees Fahrenheit.

400 degrees


For ducts conveying particulate matter, accessible cleanouts shall be provided intervals of ___________ feet.

10 feet


Aluminum duct may be used in a Class ___________ system.

Class I


Approved nonmetallic hoods and duct systems may be used for Class 5 corrosive systems when the corrosive mixture is __________.



Liquid adhesive coatings used on listed air filters shall be of a type that will _____________.

Have a flash point of 350 degrees or higher


Product conveying ventilation or exhaust systems shall be installed to control, capture, and remove emissions generated from product use or handling when required buy the ___________.

Building code or fire code


Fittings in class 2, 3, and 4 product conveying duct systems shall be not less than _____________ gauge(s) thicker than the thickness required for straight runs.

2 gauges


Sprinklers or other fire protection devices shall be installed within ducts having a cross-sectional dimension in excess of _________ inches when conveying flammable vapors or fumes.

10 inches


To avoid vibration and stress on the duct, hangers and supports shall be securely fastened to __________.

The building or structure


When a domestic clothes dryer is installed in a dryer, a minimum opening of ________ square inches for makeup air shall be provided.

100 sq. in.


With all clearance in reduction system using a ventilated air space, air circulation shall be provided as described in Table ________________.



When ducts are installed in a location where they are subject to physical damage, ducts shall be protected by _________.

Suitable guards


A metal-joining that produces a product without visible interruption or variation in quality is __________.

A continuous weld


Clothes dryers moisture exhaust ducts shall not exceed into or ___________,.

Through ducts or plenums


Product-conveying ducts shall terminate a minimum of ________ feet above adjoining grade.

10 feet


Motors for fans used to convey flammable vapors of dusts shall be located ___________<>

Outside the duct


Electrical equipment used in operations that generate explosive or flammable vapors, fumes, or dusts shall be interlocked with the __________,

Ventilation system


Exhaust hoods of steel shall have a base metal thickness not less than _________ gauge for Class 1 and Class 5 duct systems.

22 gauge


Flexible duct connectors for clothes dryers shall not exceed _______ feet in length.

6 feet


In ducts having a cross-sectional dimension exceeding 10 inches that convey flammable vapors or fumes, sprinklers shall be installed at _______ foot intervals in horizontal ducts and changes in direction

12 foot


In general, ducts used for domestic kitchen range ventilation and domestic clothes dryers shall be made of _________ and shall have ________ surfaces.

Metal, smooth interior


For product-conveying service, galvanized steel and aluminum ducts shall not be used when the temperature of the material being conveyed exceeds _________ degrees F.

400 degrees


Environmental air ducts shall terminate at least _________ feet from the property line.

3 feet


Ventilation systems used for removal of vapors, gases, and smoke shall be designed using which method(s)?

THe constant velocity or equal friction methods


Not more than _______ of 6-inch diameter PVC coupling may protrude above the concrete floor surface.

1 inch


Underfloor trenches in which PVC exhaust ducts are installed shall have backfill material composed of ________.

Sand or gravel


When a closet is designed for the instillation of a clothes dryer, a minimum opening of ________ square inches for makeup air shall be provided in the door or by other approved means.

100 sq. inches


The use of rectangular ducts for conveying particulates shall be _________<>

Subject to the approval of the Building Official


Ducts fior exhausting clothes dryers shall not be connected or installed with ________.

Metal screws or fasteners that will obstruct the flow


When a compartment or space for a domestic clothes dryer is provided, a minimum _________ diameter moisture exhaust duct of approved material shall be installed.

4 inch