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Refrigeration can be described as _______.

The process of removing heat from a place where it is not wanted to a place where it makes little or no difference


The pressure in a refrigeration system in a refrigeraton system is changed in the ________.

compression and expansion device


The refrigerant in a refrigeration system changes states in the __________.

Condenser and evaporator


At what location or locations in a refrigeration system does the saturation pressure correspond to the saturation temperature?

Evaporator and condenser


High temperature refrigeration is that produced by _________.

An air-conditioning system


A ton of refrigeration is equal to _______.

288000 Btu/24-hours


The compressor in a refrigeration system ________.

Pumps the the refrigerant throughout the system


What is the function of the condenser in a refrigeration system?

Controls the refrigerant flow throughout the system


Reciprocating compressors have ____________.

A piston and cylinder


Good ventilation is important when working around refrigeration equipment because modern refrigerants ____________.

Are heavier than air and may displace the oxygen around you


When a refrigerant enters the compressor, it is a ___________ and when it leaves the compressor it is a ___________.

low pressure low temperature super heated vapor
high pressure high temperature superheated vapor


What precautions should be taken when working with or around large refrigerant or nitrogen tanks.

(1) The protective must be on when the tank is not in use
(2) Safety goggles pr glasses must be worn when when moving the tank
(3) Large tanks should not be carried, they should be secured to an approved cart


When it is necessary to perform electrical work i an area that has a damp or wet floor, what precautions should be followed in order to ensure your safety..

(1) Place a rubber mat on the floor
(2) Use a wooden ladder
(3) Wear insulated boots and gloves


When transferring refrigerants from a cylinder to a refrigeration system or any other container, you should always wear ________.

Goggles with side shields and gloves


In electrical circuits, the grounding wire is typically __________.

Green or bare


Tube cutters are used to __________.

Cut copper tubing


The pressure in a duct system is measured in _______.

WC- Water column


Measuring velocity pressure in a duct system indicates the __________.

Volume of air through the duct


What two fasteners are used with sheet metal square and rectangular duct?

"S" fasteners (clips) and drive clips (cleats)


What fastener is commonly used with round flexible duct?

Self-tapping screws and draw bands


What two fasteners are used fiberglass duct?

Staples and tape


A good way to fasten insulation to the inside of sheet metal duct is to use _______.

tabs and adhesives


A trap in the condensate line prevents _______.

(1) Air and foreign material from being drawn into the drain line
(2) Additional cooling load from warm air drawn up into the air handler
(3) Insect invasion of the system


The distance between the 120-volt receptacle for service and maintenance purposed and any equipment shall be within what distance?

25 feet


When more than one heating or cooling appliance is installed on a roof, they shall be permanently identified as to the _________.

Space served


Exposed flywheels, fans, pulleys, belts, and moving machinery, which are portions of a heating, ventilating or refrigeration system, shall have ____________.

(1) A sutible guard
(2) A substantial gurd


The minimum size common condensate drain for a 20-ton and 15-ton refrigeration-rated appliance is ___________.

1 inch


Heat pumps shall bear a permanent and legible factory-applied nameplate which shall appear the _________.

(1) Name or trademark of the manufacturer
(2) Amount and type of refrigerant


Any portion of a refrigerating system under condenser pressure is the definition for__________.

Low side


A central furnace equipped with a fan or blower that provides the primary means for circulation of air is a ________.

forced-air-type central furnace