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What creates a virtual directory tree consisting of shared folders from multiple servers

Distributed File System (DFS)


What enables administrators to create storage quotas and file screens

File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)


What prevents users from consuming more than their allotted amount of storage space

Hard Quota


What is the software interface through which a computer communicates with a print device



What formats documents in preparation for printing

printer control language (PCL)


What provides controls for the specific capabilities of a print device

Print Driver


What provides hardware that produces hard copy documents

Print Device


What conserves network bandwidth by replicating only the data that has changed

Remote Differential Compression (RDC)


What warns users when they consume their allotted amount of storage space

Soft Quota


What is an actual folder represented in the virtual DFS directory tree



To which two [2] of the following elements does the File Services node in the Server Manager’s scope pane provide access?

1. Share and Storage Management
2. Role Services


Which of the following statements is true about the Distributed File System?

DFS is a virtual namespace technology that includes two components: DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication.


Which of the following is not a task that file server administrators can perform by using the File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) console?

monitor file systems for access by intruders


Which of the following statements is true about printer control languages (PCLs)? [Chose two 2]

1. PCLs can be based on industry standards.
2. PCLs can be proprietary languages developed by print device manufacturers.


Which of the following is not true with regard to a fax server?

Clients send their faxes via the standard fax interface.


The Distributed File System enables administrators to do which of the following?

a. facilitate consistent backups
b. simplify the process of locating files
c. provide users at remote sites with local file server access


Which is not an accurate statement about quota templates?

You can use quota templates to configure a soft quota, which prohibits users from consuming disk space beyond the allotted amount.


After installing the role and role services for DFS, which three [3] things following configuration tasks might you need to perform?

1. adding folders to the namespace
2. creating a replication group
3. configuring referral order


Which of the following describes the most common use for file screens?

prevent users from storing audio and video files on network server drives


Which of the following steps involved in setting up a fax server should come first?

add the Fax Server role