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A measure of angle where 2pi is a full circle


Period of an object in circular motion

Time taken to make a full rotation



Rotations per second


Angular velocity

The angle an object rotates through per second


What causes an object to move in a circle

A constant net force perpendicular to the direction of motion


Speed of a rotating object



Procedure to investigate circular motion

Whirling bung experiment
Attach a bung to one end of a string and a weight to the other end. Feed the string through a glass tube so that the weight is hanging out the bottom. Mark on the string just where it leaves the top of the glass tube. Start spinning the bung in a horizontal circle at a pace that keeps the marked portion of the string in the same place right above the top of the glass tube. Record the time taken for 10 rotations and then calculate the time period. use F = mrω^2 to find the centripetal force. This should be the same as the weight on the string!!11!1!!!