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Goal of the Proclamation of 1763

British officials wanted to stop British subjects from settling on the western frontier.


How did colonists protest British taxes?

By riots; they threw rocks at agents, and tarred and feathered the agents.


What was the Boston Massacre?

When the British got aggressive with the colonists for rioting


What is a petition?

Formal request written and signed by a group of people


What is a boycott?

To refuse to buy certain goods or services


Identify the Proclamation of 1763

British government drew an imaginary line along the crest of the Appalachian Mountain, and colonists were forbidden to settle west of the line.


Identify the Sons of Liberty

Angry colonists formed the sons of liberty to protect British policies and threaten tax collectors.


Identify the Daughters of Liberty

Some women joined the daughters of liberty to parade, sign petition, and organize boycott of fine British cloth.


Who was John Adams?

Sam Adam's cousin. He was a skilled lawyer with great knowledge of British law.


Who was Patrick Henry?

A young lawyer known as a violent critic of British policies