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Why did Americans protest the Tea Act?

They didn't want to pay tax.


How did Britain respond to the Boston Tea Party.

They punished the colonists with the Intolerable Acts.


Why did fighting break out at Lexington and Concord?

British troop wanted to seize the arms in Concord. They met some minuteman in Lexington and ordered them to leave. A shot rang out and began a struggle between the British redcoats and minuteman.


What is a militia?

An army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency.


Who was a minuteman?

A troop from the Colonists that had to be prepared to fight in a minute's notice.


Identify The British East India Company.

A company that bought Tea in Southern Asia and then sold it to the colonial merchants.


Identify the Intolerable Acts.

- British closed harbor
- Colonists could not have meeting more than a year
- Go to Britain to be tried
- British soldiers could stay at your house


Identify the First Continental Congress.

Group of colonists that met to talk about what to do about the Intolerable Acts.