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List the 7 Concepts of Organising

  1. Authority
  2. Power
  3. Responsibility
  4. Chain of Command
  5. Delegation
  6. Span of Control
  7. Centralised vs. Decentralised Authority


Define Authority

  • The right to do something by the organisation to a manager based on his/her appointment
  • All managers have authority over their subordinates and their areas of responsibilities


Define Power

  • The ability to influence a person to do something without necessarily having the authority to
  • All managers have authority, but not all have power


Define Responsibility

  • Obligation to perform assigned tasks


Define Delegation

  • Process of assigning managerial authority and responsibility to employees in lower hierachal ranks to make decisions on behalf of the manager


Define Chain of Command

  • Control mechanism for making sure that the right people do the right things at the right time
  • Shows the lines of authority in an organisation from top to bottom


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Define Span of Control and discuss the 2 Different Types


  • Number of people reporting directly to a manager


Narrow Span of Control

  • Has limited number of subordinates reporting directly to a particular manager

Wide Span of Control

  • Has several subordinates reporting directly to a particular manager


Is there an Ideal Span of Control?

Narrow Span of Control is advisable when

  • Managers must be involved closely with their subordinates due to their complex duties


Narrow Span of Control is advisable when

  • Workers are allowed greater job autonomy
  • Adequate supervision is given to employees with fewer managers, with the help of technology for communication and monitoring


Define Centralised and Decentralised Authority


  • Important decisions are made by higher-level managers


  • Important decisions are made by middle and lower-level managers


Discuss the Advantages of Centralisation 

  • Lower level managers may not effectively make high-level decisions
  • Procedures are uniformly implemented throughout the organisation and easier to control


Discuss the Advantages of Decentralisation 

  • Workers are encouraged to be independent by solve their own problems instead of relying on higher authority
  • Quicker decisions increase flexibility and efficiency


List the 3 Types of Job Design

  1. Job Rotation
  2. Job Enlargement
  3. Job Enrichment


What is Job Rotation?

  • Periodically moving workers from one specialised job to another
  • Gives variety and the opportunity to put different skills to use


What is Job Enlargement?

  • Increasing the number of tasks in a particular job but without increasing the workload
  • Prevents boredom


What is Job Enrichment?

  • Build motivating factors into a job
  • Make employees' work more challenging
  • Suitable for capable workers
  • Must be custom-made to suit individual workers