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MS- Delegation

Is the process of transferring the authority to complete a task or make a decision to someone else, retaining the responsibility for the task or decision.

(CEO) needs to be able to identify which tasks can be delegated and which subordinates have the skills to do the job.


MS- Negotiation

Involves the ability to resolve a dispute or to produce a satisfactory agreement on a course of action.


MS- Team work

Team work
Involves the manager to possess the ability to function as a coach and mentor to members.

- encourage contributions


MS- Communication

Communication is the ability to transfer verbal and non-verbal information from one person (the sender) to another person (the receiver) effectively.


MS- Time Management

Involves the process of managing the things we do in the time we have available.

Factors that lead to stress in workplace:

- Workload
- Shift work
- interpersonal conflict
- lack of training
- bullying


MS- Problem solving

Is a broad set of activities involved in searching for, identifying and then implementing a course of action to correct an unworkable situation.


Define stakeholder

A stakeholder is an individual or group that interacts with the organisation and has a vested interest in its activities.


Technology breakdown- effect on Employees

A technology breakdown may cause employees motivation and morale to go down, thus limiting their ability to be productive and satisfied at work.


Technology breakdown- effect of Shareholders

customer dissatisfaction and likely bad press caused by the technology breakdown could make the organisation less profitable, resulting in smaller dividends. This will be very frustrating and disappointing
and could result in them selling shares or demanding that the organisation take immediate action to become profitable again.


Work-life balance

means achieving the right combination of time devoted to work and time devoted to personal or family life. Flexible working conditions help many employees achieve a better work−life balance.


Centralised system of employees relations

one in which central tribunals decide the wages and employment conditions of all employees.


decentralised system of employee relations

is one in which direct negotiations occur between an individual employer and either individual employees, groups of employees or the representatives of those employees.