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What is a wave?

A periodic BACK AND FOURTH motion that transmits energy.


What is the amplitude of a wave?

The distance from the highest or lowest point in the middle


What is the frequency of a wave? What units are used to measure wave frequency?

Frequency of a wave: the number of complete waves (crest plus trough) that passes by a point in a given time.

Hertz: units used for # of waves per second or cycles per second


What is the speed of all electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum?

186,000 miles per second


- one group of electromagnetic waves us called the "Visible Light" part of the spectrum name the 6 other groups within the EM spectrum.

Radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, uv, x-rays, gamma rays


What is a quanta? Specifically how is it formed?

Quanta: the energy that is generated when an electron moves back into its original orbit. A quanta can be generated through some kind of energy being put into the atom. When this happens it causes the electrons to jump out of orbit and move into an orbit that is further away from the nucleus but then they are pulled back because they are attracted to the protons. When this happens a "packet of energy" or "quanta" is formed.