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Why did they want to change the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation were very weak the states had most of the power and congress couldn't regulate trade, force citizens to join the army, or impose taxes.


How does our constitution "check" each branch of government?

We have a system of Checks and Balances that makes sure that no one branch of government has too much power.


Land Ordinance

Land law.


Ordinance of 1785

This law established a procedure for surveying and selling the western lands of the Ohio River. They got divided up into townships 6 miles long and 6 miles wide.


The Northwest Ordinance

1787. Crated northwest territory out of the lands North of the Ohio river and east of the Mississippi River. They were separated into 5 smaller territories, when they reached 60,000 the could petition for statehood. The Northwest Ordinance included a Bill of Rights, that included freedom of religion and trial by jury. It also put a stop to slavery in these states.



Bicameral means to have to houses in the legislature like we do now.


Bill of Rights

The bill of rights was the part of the constitution that gave the people rights. Lots of people wanted a bill of rights because they didn't want the government to get too powerful. George Mason proposed the bill of rights.


Electoral College

The electoral college vote for the President and Vice President. The electoral college is elected by the states.


Edmund Randolph

Edmund refused to sign the constitution. He proposed the Virginia plan.


John Locke

Was an English philosopher who believed that people have natural rights, and they include the rights to have life, liberty and property.


Great Compromise

They combined the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan to create a two hide legislature, in the lower house (The House of reps.) would be the number of seats based in the state's population. In the upper house (Senate) each state would have two members.



To fall in value


James Madison

James Madison was a virginia planter. He liked the idea of a strong national government.


Shay's Rebellion

Farmers suffered because they could not sell their goods. They had trouble paying the money requested by the states to pay off war debts. They lashed out, led by Daniel Shays. This frightened Americans. They were worried that the government could not control unrest.


Branches of Government

The tree branches of government are the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial branches.


Preamble to the constitution- 6 parts

The preamble introduces the constitution and gives general purposes for which the government was established. It also declares that the power of the government comes from the people.


What was George Washington's role in the constitution?