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What is a non-polar covalent bond?

is electrically neutral since electrons are shared equally by the atoms in a molecule


What is a polar covalent bond?

an unequal sharing of electrons, water is a polar covalent molecule
-positive hydrogen end of water molecule is draw to the negative oxygen ends; this forms hydrogen bonds


What is Surface Tension?

when water is able to cling to itself as well as other surroundings
- water freezes faster than it thaws
- forms a crystalline structure in solid state


Atmospheric Pressure is what?

impacts the boiling and freezing points
- water boils at lower temperatures at high altitudes and at higher temperatures at lower altitudes


hat kind of cookies does he like?

chocolate chip cookies


is water usually found in its pure state?

no water is mostly found in its impure state because it is such a great solvent


An impurity in water can change its..?

- physical and chemical characteristics
- flavour and colour
- boiling and freezing points
- hydrogen bonding


Water transfers heat energy into..?

water transfers heat energy into food


water boils at a constant what?

water boils at a constant temperature


Water can be in 3 different forms, what are they?

1. Free water
2. Bound Water
3. A Hydrate


What is Free Water?

is easily separated from food tissue
often contains dissolved compounds, boils and freezes easily


What is Bound Water?

is tied to a structure of larger molecules, does not easily freeze or boil, chemically reacts as part of a larger molecule


What is a Hydrate?

s a compound loosely bound with water, must be boiled to be free of water, known as "anhydrous"


What is steam?

leaves food more flavourful and nutritious than boiling, leavens baked goods


What are solid-in-water solutions?

if a solid is dissolved in water, chemical properties will be different than pure water
- salt and sugar lower the freezing point and increase the boiling point of water


The hydrogen bond is?

an intermolecular bond between FON with hydrogen atoms