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Inappropriate behaviour should be

Appropriately dealt with


What is inappropriate behaviour?

Unethical behaviour
Behaviour which may be a breach of conduct
Serious wrongdoing
Harassment bullying and discrimination


Inappropriate behaviour does not apply to issues you have regarding

Conditions of employment
Personal grievances
Accusation that you know to be false


Who you can report inappropriate behaviour to

Trusted supervisor, FTO
Local HR team
Deputy commissioner, chief executive or commissioner

Speak up


Steps when receiving a report of inappropriate behaviour

Discuss the situation in a neutral and unbiased fashion
Obtain a full and detailed account
Advise of initial steps, protection and support available
Maintain detailed record and ensure strict confidentiality


Speak up tiers of support

Tier 1 - core supervisory responsibilities
Tier 2 - proactive management
Tier 3 - active intervention


You must notify your supervisor in writing if

Facing charges in court
Any infringement for drink driving
Suspension of drivers licence
Any speed ticket over 40kmph
Becoming the respondent of a protection order
Any charge/infringement where you could lose your licence


Personal use of social media dos

When posting opinions make sure it's clear it's your own view not the polices

Only access personal social media sites at work as outlined in police manual.

Select high privacy settings

Be aware of security advice


Personal use of social media donts

Don't use personal profiles for any work related activities
Don't use personal ph emails for police media accounts
Don't post anything that may bring police into disrepute
Don't post anything that compromises security


Personal use of social media accounts employee principals

Embrace information management privacy
Use police tech responsibly
Have no expectations of privacy
Acknowledge that police can access any data
Not misuse police tech
Apply self code of conduct


IPCA act section 13

Duty of commissioner to notify authority of certain incidents involving death or serious harm


IPCA section 15

Duty of commissioner to notify authority of complaints

Must be given as soon as practicable but no later than 5 working days after receipt of the complaint


When must PNHQ duty officer be contacted

Death or serious injury
Any significant incidents involving police or other agencies
Any incidents involving MPs/dignitaries/diplomats
High profile criminal incidents that will attract media attention
Any significant complaints relating to police action or integrity