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What is the Rule of 7 or 7 Run Rule?

A process is out of control whenever 7 data points in a row are above or below the mean.


What are objectives of a quality audit?

Identify good or best practices
Identify gaps and shortcomings
Share good practices withing the organization or industry.
Proactively improve processes to raise team productivity.
Highlight contributions identified through the audit in the lessons learned repository.


According to Deming, who has responsibility for the cost of quality?

Deming suggests that 85 percent of the cost of quality is management's responsibility and under management's control.


What is the purpose of the process improvement plan?

Indicates how processes will be identified and analyzed toward enhancing the value of the process.


What is precision?

A measure of exactness.


What is the difference between validation and verification?

Validation is the assurance that a product, service, or system meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders.

Verification is the evaluation of whether or not a product, service, or system complies with a regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed condition.


What is the focus of Juran's quality theories?

Juran added the human dimension is quality by creating a focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring that requirements are met and the product is fit for use.


What is attribute sampling?

The method of measuring quality that consists of noting the presence (or absence) of some characteristic (attribute) in each of the units under consideration. After each unit is inspected, the decision is made to accept a lot, reject it, or inspect another unit.


What is accuracy?

An assessment of correctness.


What are the 3 processes of Project Quality Management?

Plan Quality Management
Perform Quality Management
Control Quality Management


What are 4 types of cost are considered to be part of the cost of quality?

1. Prevention costs
2. Appraisal costs
3. Internal failure costs
4. External failure costs


What is the Rule of 1?

A process is out of control whenever a single data point falls outside the specification limits (upper or lower).


What is the Deming Cycle?

The PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle; it focuses on the iterative nature of continuous improvement.


What are the 5 levels of maturity in CMMI?

1. Initial
2. Managed
3. Defined
4. Quantitatively managed
5. Optimizing


What is the variable sampling?

The determination of the degree of conformity (along a continuous scale) to a general charateristic.


What is tolerance?

The quantified description of acceptable variation for a quality requirement.


What is the Trend of 7 Rule?

A process is out of control when 7 data points follow a trend up or down across the mean.


What are Ishikawa's 7 basic quality control tools?

1. Cause and effect diagrams
2. Control chart
3. Flow charts
4. Histograms
5. Pareto charts
6. Run charts
7. Scatter diagrams


What is Philip Crosby's quality theory and what is his main point?

The Zero Defect Theory
Main point: It is better to prevent defects from occurring at all, thereby saving the cost of nonconformance.