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What protocol is used for the iChat service?

The iChat service uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).


How would you limit access to iChat service on Lion Server?

You can limit access through Service Access Control Lists, available per user in the Server app.


What tools can an administrator use to specify which users can create wikis? How does a network user specify which users and groups can edit a wiki?

Administrators can use the Wiki Creators list in the Wiki service settings in the Server app. When creating a wiki with a web browser, a user can specify permissions for users and groups to access and edit the wiki.


How would you enter the iChat name for the user Jet Dogg (short name: jet) on

The iChat name format for Jet Dogg on is


What application do you use to create resources and locations for use in iCal events?

The Server app is used to create resources and locations for use in iCal events.


What open source protocol does the Address Book service use?

The Address Book service uses CardDAV.


What is an open relay?

An open relay is a mail server that allows anyone on the Internet to anonymously send email messages through it. It’s the primary tool used by spammers on the Internet.


What is an MX record?

An MX record is a DNS record that indicates the priority and host name of a domain’s email server.


What is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol defines how messages travel from one computer to another on the Internet.


What are the main differences between POP and IMAP?

IMAP keeps a copy of the email message and its state on the server, maintains a persistent connection between the client and server, allows folder access, and supports higher security authentication methods. POP typically stores the message only until it’s downloaded by the client and requires fewer server resources than IMAP.


What method can be used to limit the amount of disk space used on a mail server?

The method to control disk consumption by users is user quotas.