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Now band has it is mineral once used for insulation. It is the dust that can cause lung infection, lung cancer and poses risk to human health.


Building codes

Standards for construction.


Building permit

Permission for construction from the local municipality.



Comprehensive environmental response, compensation, and liability act of 1980. Established a 9 billion superfund to clean up uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and to respond to spills. It also created a process for identifying PRPs, potential responsible parties and order them to take responsibility for the cleanup action. Enforced by the EPA.


Certificate of occupancy A C/O

The inspectors approval for human habitation and use.



A court action by which government takes property. This is a part of eminent domain by which an owner refuses to the taking of his land then a condemnation suit can be instituted. If after approval of the court the owner still refuses the property can be taken through eminent domain.


Deed restriction

A limit on use of property set by the seller.


Department of environmental protection: the DEP

The New Jersey agency overseeing natural resources.


Eminent domain

A government's power to take property for public use.



Reversion of property to the state when interstate owner dies without heirs. The state gets property when someone dies without a will and no heirs.


Exclusionary zoning

Discriminatory local regulations set by the municipality.


Lead-based paint

Once widely used wallcovering containing a now band material. But dust can be ingested from the hands by crawling infants toxic to the nervous system. lead-based paint hazard reduction act stated that persons selling or leasing residential housing constructed before 1978 must disclose the presence of known lead-based paint and provide purchasers are you leasees with a relevant record of reports. A lead-based paint disclosure statement must be attached to all sales contracts of Real estate built before 1978.


Master plan

Primary method by which local governments recognize development goals.


Nonconforming use

Existing use that doesn't meet current zoning standards. The owner is grandfathered in because of prior use to the new zone restrictions.


Police power

Governments right to regulate for health and safety. Police oversee that laws of the state, county, local municipality and federal government are enforced.



A natural occurring radioactive gas that can be harmful to humans. It is odorless and tasteless. Sellers agents have a duty to keep confidential any information about radon test results or mitigation work until the contract of sale is entered into, unless the seller has authorized the agent in writing to discuss the matter with buyers



A use that does not meet the zoning requirements. Giving an owner the ability to use property outside of the zoning regulations.


Zoning ordinance

Municipal restriction on uses of real estate in various areas.

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