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What are the enterprise environmental factors that can influence the Plan Human Resource Management process?

1. Organization, culture, and structure.
2. Existing human resources
3. Geographical dispersion of team members
4. Personnel administration policies
5. Marketplace conditions.


When determining project roles and responsibilities, what do you need to define?

1. Role
2. Authority
3. Responsibility
4. Competency or qualification


What type of theory is used to describe the manner in which individual resources, teams, and entire organizational units behave?

Organizational theory.


What else does the staffing management plan show besides when and how team members will be released?

Training needs, recognition and rewards, and regulation or contract compliance.


On which factors is the legitimate or formal authority of the project manager based?

Position, or formal authority, in the organization.


Which factors contribute to the project manager's referent authority?

1. The project manager's personality
2. References by the project manager to the support and authority of someone higher in the organization.
3. Respect the team members have for the project manager.


What is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory?

Maslow defines five basic human needs, which he arranged in a pyramid. He stated that lower level needs must be fulfilled before a person can move up to the next level. Once needs are satisfied at a particular level, those needs no longer motivate the individual, and the person progresses to the next step. According to Maslow, the five levels of need are basic physical needs, safety and security needs, social needs, self-esteem needs, and self-actualization needs.


What is the Expectancy Theory of motivation?

People are motivated if they expect to see a positive outcome. They will be motivated and remain productive as long as the reward meets their expectations, they believe the reward is strongly tied to their behavior, and they are capable of doing the work requested. This theory states that people will live up (or down) to what you expect of them.


Why is the Manage Project Team process more complex in a matrix organization?

Because the team members' loyalties and accountabilities are split.


What does confronting mean in the context of conflict management?

Solving the problem.


What is a project organization chart?

A document that graphically depicts the project team members and their interrelationship for a specific project.


What is colocation?

Physically locating all or most team members in the same location to allow them to work more effectively together.


Which type of chart is frequently used to outline project roles and responsibilities?

RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)


Where does informal and formal networking take place?

Within an organization, industry or professional environment.


What are some components of the human resource management plan?

1. Roles and responsibilities
2. Project organization charts
3. Staffing Management plan


The Acquire Project Team process involves getting the human resources assigned to the project. What is the project manager's responsibility in this process?

1. Identify the appropriate personnel.
2. Document the skills or knowledge needed.
3. Negotiate with functional managers and other project managers for the desired resources.
4. Assign the project staff
5. Create a team directory.


What is the belief on which the project manager's penalty or punishment authority is based?

The project manager can inflict unpleasant consequences.


What are the stages of team development?



According to Herzberg's Hygiene Theory, what are the 2 factors that contribute to motivation?

1. Hygiene factors
2. Motivating factors


What is McGregor's Theory X?

Theory X assumes people are generally lazy and will avoid work unless threatened. They require constant supervision, have no ambition, and require direct control to work effectively. Theory X managers believe people are motivated by punishment or money.


What are the 4 elements of the Situational Continuum model?

1. Tell or direct: The PM tells the team or a subordinate what to do.
2. Sell or coach: The PM guides or leads through creative questioning.
3. Participate: The PM works with the team or subordinate to lead them.
4. Delegate: The PM delegates work or issues to the team or subordinate.


What is the new view of conflict?

Conflict is necessary, can be beneficial, allows the team to grow and come up with more creative project solutions, and is best resolved by the team members and their immediate manager.


Which conflict resolution techniques are noted in the PMBOK?

*Collaborate/Problem Solve


What is representative authority?

Authority that is granted to an individual by a group.


What are some of the organizational process assets that can influence the Plan Human Resource Management process?

1. Organizational standard processes and policies and policies and standardized role descriptions.
2. Templates for organizational charts and position descriptions.
3. Historical information about the organizational structures that have worked in previous projects.
4. Escalation procedures for handling issues within the team and organization.


What are some additional formats of a RAM that you can use to document team member roles and responsibilities?

1. Hierarchial-type chart
2. Matrix-based charts
3. Text-oriented formats
4. Other sections of the project management plan.


What kind of information does the human resource plan provide to the project manager?

Guidance on how human resources should be defined and brought on to the project, along with how the resources should be managed, controlled, and eventually released from the project.


According to the PMBOK, the staffing management plan helps project managers deal with planning related to which type of resource-related issues?

*Staff acquisition
*Staff release plan
*Training needs
*Recognition and rewards


What is the belief on which the project manager's reward authority is based?

That the PM can issue rewards.


In which Process Group is team building typically shown?



According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, what is true about a person's level in the hierarchy?

It is constantly changing, move up and down, depending on external circumstances.


According to the Achievement Theory, which 3 needs motivate people?

1. Achievement
2. Power
3. Affiliation


What is meant by a situational continuum in leadership theory?

That PMs adapt their leadership style based on the job maturity of the team members.


In a matrix organizational structure, whose responsiblity is it to manage the dual reporting relationship effectively?

Project Manager


What is the view of the PMI regarding the collaborate/problem-solve method of resolving conflict?

The collaborative/problem solving technique for resolving conflict leads to consensus and commitment.


What is referent authority?

Authority that is inferred to the PM by the team members.


What is a war room?

A room set aside for the project's use when team members are located in separate facilities; a common approach to colocation of the project team.


What are the 4 processes of Human Resource Management?

1. Plan HR Management
2. Acquire Project Team
3. Develop Project Team
4. Manage Project Team


What information does the RAM show?

Who is responsible to do the work (but not when the work should be completed)


What type of activities are involved in networking?

Meetings, correspondence, and informal conversations.


PMBOK notes that special consideration should be given to the process of releasing resources once their project work is complete. Why?

To lower costs by better defining when and how team members will be released, as well as to help with team member uncertainty about their future after the project.


What are the HR responsibilities of the PM?

1. Creating role and responsibility assignments
2. Developing a staffing management plan
3. Publishing an organization chart
4. Creating job descriptions
5. Identifying and fulfilling training needs
6. Negotiating for team resources
7. Creating a team directory
8. Identifying and providing team-building activities
9. Providing input to project staff performance appraisals.
10. Managing meetings


Which factor enables the PM's expert authority to influence stakeholders?

The PM's knowledge or expertise in both project management and technical areas.


What is the purpose of a war room?

Serves as a common meeting room where team members can exchange information.


What does Herzberg's Hygiene Theory say about the hygiene factors?

It states that if the hygiene factors are met, people are neutral, but not motivated. Poor hygiene factors are demotivating, but improving hygiene factors typically will not increase motivation.


What is McGregor's Theory Y?

Theory Y assumes that people want to achieve, are creative, will work on their own, and will do a good job given the right motivation. Theory Y managers believe in participative management, providing support, and showing concern for their teams.


What is involved in the Manage Project Team process?

1. Tracking team members' performance.
2. Dealing with conflict
3. Handling changes and issues by both the PM and the team.


According to the PMI, what are some sources of conflict?

Scarce resources
Scheduling priorities
Personal work styles


What does proper HR Management mean?

Making effective use of everyone involved with the project, including the project team, sponsors, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders.


What is team building?

Getting temporary group of people together and getting them to work together.


Which tools are involved in the Develop Project Team process?

1. Interpersonal skills
2. Training
3. Team-building activities
4. Ground rules
5. Colocation
6. Recognition and rewards
7. Personnel assessment tools