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The crowning of Charlemagne as emperor of the Romans by the pope symbolized?

A shift in focus away from the Mediterranean and toward northern Germanic Europe


Why is the period in Europe between 500C.E. And 1300 C.E. Called the "Middle Ages"?

It came between the Greco-roman civilization and e Renaissance


What were the unifying forces in the chaotic remains of the western Roman Empire?

Slavic religious tradition


What best characterizes the influence of Roman traditions in Byzantium?

Byzantium carried on the traditions of Rome, including Christianity almost without interruption


Why is it paradoxical that women ruled the Byzantine Empire together with their husbands from 1028 to 1056?

Byzantine women increasingly confined themselves to homes and required to veil themselves in public


What is true about noble women in medieval Europe?

They didn't live powerless sheltered lives


What was the investiture controversy?

A conflict between the peoples and kings regarding control of ecclesiastical offices


Why did Kievan Russia decide to adopt Orthodox Christianity?

They were impressed by the magnificence of Constantinople


What technological innovations probably played a significant role in the launching of the economy of Western Europe after the year 1000?

Importation of a superior plow from the Mediterranean


What is not a reason usually offered by historians for the Crusades?

The pope wanted to recapture the holy land