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One of the two Capulet servants who opens the play, walking with Gregory. They get in a fight with Abram and some other Montagues after Sampson bites his thumb at them.



One of the two Capulet servants who opens the play, walking with Sampson. They get in a fight with Abram and some other Montagues after Sampson bites his thumb at them.



A Capulet. He is very fiery and quick tempered, and hates the word peace. When Benvolio tried to stop the fight, Tybalt told the fighters to continue.


(Lord) Capulet

Juliet's father. He initially tells Paris to wait until he marries Juliet, but later changes his mind and tells Paris to come to his dinner party. He is of course a Capulet. He is also the one who keeps Tybalt from hurting Romeo at his party, telling him to let people enjoy themselves and don't bring violence into it.


Lady Capulet

Juliet's mother (obviously a Capulet). She pressures Juliet into marrying Paris, or at least seeing him at the party to give him a chance, and tells Juliet to suck it up when she doesn't want to get married.



A Capulet (ish), Juliet's nurse. She provides comic relief throughout the play, tells Juliet to marry Paris, and is very inappropriate, telling a weird sexual story about Juliet at one point.



A Capulet, one of the two star-crossed lovers. She doesn't want to get married to Paris, is thirteen, and first meets Romeo at the Capulet party. She is instantly attracted to him, and they dance and say the pilgrims/saints sonnet. She later finds out from the nurse that he is a Montague.



The Montague servant guy who is walking at the beginning of the play and gets in a fight with Sampson and Gregory.



A Montague, he is very calm and peace-oriented. He tries to break up the fighting on the streets, and is Romeo's good friend. When Romeo tells Benvolio about Rosaline, Ben tells Romeo to forget her.


(Lord) Montague

Romeo's father, head of the Montagues.


Lady Montague

Romeo's mother.



The second of the star-crossed lovers. He is deeply in love with Rosaline until he meets Juliet and sees she is really pretty. They flick their wrists and talk about pilgrims and saints. Romeo later finds out from the nurse that Juliet is a Capulet. In the beginning, he is sad because Rosaline doesn't love him back (more on her on her flashcard).



Romeo's pal. When Romeo says he had an ominous dream, good old Merc gives a long speech about Queen Mab, the fairy queen who goes around giving dreams to people. This starts as a way to mock Romeo and show him that dreams mean nothing, but ends as Mercutio gets really wrapped up in it and riled up.


Prince Escalus (sp.?)

The Prince of Verona. He breaks up the fight between the Montagues and Capulets in the first scene, threatening death if they start another fight.



The man who wants to marry Juliet. He comes to the feast.



The woman who Romeo is deeply in love with at the beginning of the act. She doesn't love him back because she wants to stay chaste, which causes his sadness and depression (he needs to suck it up).