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"grace and serenity." (Ch2p26)

Stephen's perception of Mrs H


"All that perfection she arrived with has become blurred."(C9p179)

Image of Mrs H is not real - blurred like a painting or photograph. She comes to speak to S more made up than useful, cries and then tidies herself up before leaving so Mr H doesn't suspect.


" Oh, thank you," she says calmly... "Aren't those the things you and Keith borrowed for your camp?" (ch 9 p189)

She demonstrates immense self control even when under extreme duress - eg when she see Mr H carrying the basket Stephen should have taken to the Barns. Stephen asssumes she was punished for this as next time he sees her she is wearing a cravat around her neck - he believes to cover an injured throat.


"she sat cross legged in the dust in front of Stephen like a beggar" (Ch9 p175)

Mrs H's fall from grace - child like image adults aren't always as grown up as they seem. (Ch 9 p 175) as she has to humble herself to ask a child for help to take something to the Barns.


"with a kind of calm amusement at the world and no excessive movement of her lips. " " rested, calm and composed."

Mrs H has a facade of serenity and composure which does not reveal anything of the secret she is concealing.


"You understand that sometimes people find themselves isolated. They feel they're outcasts, that everyone's against them." (Ch9 p177)

Mrs H says this as she is talking Stephen to take basket - can refer to themes of bullying, he thinks of K and her, while she is referring to uncle P.


"Stephen darling listen," she says, as softly as the silken rustle of the parachute." (Ch9 p177)

Her use of the word "darling" that she uses for her own son make Stephen's face dissolve.


" She's pretending o be part of some innocent children's game. And all the time she's a stranger in our midst, watching us with alien eyes."



She's a fine one to talk about spying, when she's been spying herself."