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" mild-furry natured animal"(ch2 p26)

S believes his dad is both harmless and weak.


" coodle-moodle" from german "Kuddelmuddel"

mess or muddle


" shnick-shnack" spelling of German word "Scnickschnack"

Meaning something trivial or unimportant.


" Vanishing and appearing seemed a full enough job description for all practical purposes." (Ch 7 pp 139-40_

S finds his dad dull and he is not curious about him at all.


" I don't like bullying he says I have seen too much of it in my life time. (ch 10 p 213)

How his early life as a jew in nazi germany impacted him - also made S stay in onn Fridays.


"everything in Stephen's family ... was quite extraordinarily ordinary." (Ch 2 p 28)
" unsatisfactory family" (ch4 p65)

S realises looking back that his dad must have loved him as he tried to give him an ordinary childhood. But the young S felt together they were an unsatisfactory and "and where he longed to be was Keith's hose." (Ch 2 p28)