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There are 6 regions in Chile north to south, what are middle two?

Aconcagua region and
Central Valley Region


There are 6 regions in Chile north to south, what the two further north?

Atacama region and
Coquimbo region


There are 6 regions in Chile north to south, what are the two furthest south?

Southern region and
Austral region


What are the 2 valleys located in the Atacama Region?

Copiapó Valley and
Hussain Valley


What are the 4 valleys that are in the Aconcagua Region?

Aconcagua Valley
Maipo Valley
Casablanca Valley
San Antonio Valley


What 4 valleys are located in the Central Valley Region

Cachapoal Valley
Colchagua Valley
Curicó Valley
Maule Valley


What are the 3 Valleys located in the Coquimbo Region?

Elqui Valley
Limari Valley
Choapa Valley


What are the 3 valleys located in the Southern Region

Itata Valley
Bio Bio Valley
Malleco Valley


Describe the Costa Region

Runs north to south along the coast covering the coastal plans and west side of the coastal mountain ranges.
Wines are typically intensely fresh and fruity whites edged with mineralogy as well as juicy yet elegant cool-climate reds.


Describe the Entre Cordilleras Region.

Runs north to south down the center of Chile covering the east side of the coastal mountain range and the central plain

Balanced influences of land and sea to create red and whites w character.


Describe the Andes Region

Runs north and south along the foothills and the Andes mountain range

Influenced dramatically by mountains, the region can produce powerful reds with great structure and personality.


What country has the most suitable land for grape growing and produces the most wine?



Where does Chile Rank in wine production and export levels for South America ?

Second for production

And It ranks #1 for export


How much of Chilean wine production is intended for export

Approximately two-thirds


Chile as a country is long and narrow. What are the approximate dimensions?

3,000 miles / 4,800 km long (n-s)

100 miles / 150 km wide (e-w)


There are four natural bounties to the Chilean wine growing region that are very significant. List.

West- Pacific Ocean

North - Atacama Desert

East - Andes Mountains

South - there frozen archipelago of Tierra del Fuego


How is Chile considered Phylloxera free

The four natural boundaries of Ocean, desert, mountains, and frozen south along with strict quarantine laws