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What is the 'Mandate of Heaven'?

A Chinese political and religious doctrine used since ancient times to justify the rule of the King or Emperor of China


What is Confucianism?

A humanist philosophy which places emphasis on morality, virtues and social order


3 examples of major relationships under Confucius principles?

Ruler and subject; Father and son; Husband and wife


Does the 'Mandate of Heaven' requirenoble birth?

No, dependant on the able performance of the leader e.g Ming & Han Dynasty


What is the Western 'Divine Right of Kings'?

The belief that authority is derived from the will of God and attempts to change this are unjust


What has a lack of individualism promoted?

Respect of established authority and lack of scientific and geographical exploration


Example of how lack of individualism had been translated to historical foreign policy?

Concentric circles of relations e.g Middle Kingdom, Tributary States, Barbarians

Great Wall of China