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What are the 5 main types of retail outlets?

Convenience stores, speciality stores, discount variety stores, department stores and supermarkets


What are convenience stores?

Sell a variety of products, concentrating on food items, magazines and newspapers. Prices are usually higher than at supermarkets and there is generally less choice available. However, they are convenient.


What are speciality stores?

Specialise in either one type of product
or service or a limited range of a few products, e.g. newsagents of Dymocks (books)
The advantage is the service and product knowledge provided by the sales staff.


What are discount variety stores?

These stores are of a plain design and offer basic customer service.
Products normally cheaper than department stores. Kmart, Target and Big W are all examples of this type of retailing.


What are department stores?

E.g. Myer, David Jones
Sell a large range of products within the one store. Because they buy in bulk, their prices are often cheaper than at specialty stores.
Often offer some sales assistance on the shop floor, their prices tend to be higher than those of a discount variety store.


What are supermarkets?

e.g. Coles
Originally selling only food items, they are now becoming more like discount variety stores, offering a large range of items for sale. Some supermarkets that have expanded to sell an even larger range of products have evolved into hypermarkets.


When are local stores used?

Basic items by people nearby e.g. bakery


What are regional store examples?

Department stores, discount department stores and supermarkets are often located in large regional shopping complexes, such as Westfield shopping centres, and are surrounded by numerous specialty stores.


What are interstate and global purchases/ business?

Online shopping = greater variety and price differences e.g. eBay


advantage and disadvantage of online-shopping

large range of products, done at home, overseas
the delivery charge, untraceable website, scams and insecure


advantage and disadvantage of mail order

helps handicap people, overseas, many sources, home
hard to get refund, delivery issues, extra charge