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Egressum magna me accepit Aricia Roma
hospitio modico

Aricia received me, who had left great Rome, with modest hospitality


rhetor comes Heliodorus,
Graecorum longe doctissimus

teacher Heliodorus, my companion, by far the most learned of the Greeks


inde Forum Appi differtum nautis

from this place we arrived at Forum Appi
crowded with boatmen


iam nox inducere terris umbras et caelo diffundere signa parabat

Now night was preparing to bring shadows of the lands and to diffuse constellations in the sky


dum aes exigitur, dum mula ligatur, tota abit hora

While the fare is collected, while the mule is being tied a whole hour passes


mali culices ranaeque palustres avertunt somno

Annoying gnats and marsh frogs turn away sleep


absentem antat amicam multa prolutus vappa nauta atque vistor certatim

while sailor and traveller soaked in flat wine sing in competition a lot about an absent girlfriend


tandem fessus dormire viator incipit

At last the tired traveller falls asleep


ac missae pastum retinacula mulae nauta piger saxo religat stertitque supinus.

The lazy sailor ties the traces of the mule, who is sent out to pasture, then snores lying on his back


iamque dies aderat, nil cum procedere lintrem sentimus

And already the day was approaching, we feel the barge was proceeding nowhere


donec cerebrosus prosilit unus ac mulae nautaeque caput lumbosque saligno fuste dolat:

Until a hot headed man alone jumps forward and with a willow stick inflicts blows on the head of the mule and backs of the boatmen


quarta vix demum exponimur hora

At last at the fourth hour we disembark with difficulty


Postera lux oritur multo gratissima

The next light rises much the most welcome indeed


namque plotius et varius sinuessae virgiliusque occurrunt

for Plotius and varius and vergil met at sinuessa