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Ibam forte via sacra, sicut meus est mos,

I was walking, by chance along the via sacra as is my custom


nescio quid meditans nugarum, totus in illis:

Thinking over some nonsense or other, wholly engrossed in these thoughts


accurrit quidam notus mihi nomine tantum
arreptaque manu 'quid agis, dulcissime rerum?'

Some guy came up - known to me by name only -clutched my hand, and said "how are you, my dear fellow?"


'suaviter, ut nunc est,' inquam 'et cupio omnia quae vis.'

"I'm doing pretty well, at the moment," I said, "and I hope everything is as you wish."


cum adsectaretur, 'numquid vis? occupo'

When he kept on following, "Do you want anything else?' i interrupt


at ille 'noris nos' inquit; 'docti sumus.'

"I want you to get to know me" he said "I am a man of learning."


hic ego 'pluris hoc' inquam 'mihi eris.'

Here i said "for this i will esteem you more,'


misere discedere quaerens ire modo ocius, interdum consistere, in aurem dicere nescio quid puero,

Seeking miserably to leave, now going rather swiftly, sometimes stopping to whisper something into the boy's ear


cum sudor ad imos manaret talos

While sweat flowed down to my ankles


'o te, Bolane, cerebri felicem' aiebam tacitus, cum quidlibet ille garriret, vicos, urbem laudaret

'oh you Bolanus, lucky in your quick temper!' i said quietly, while he kept chattering on about whatever he wished, praising the streets, the city


ut illi nil respondebam, 'misere cupis' inquit 'abire: iamdudum video;

When i made no reply he said "you need, sadly to get away its been apparent for a while now;"


sed nil agis: usque tenebo; persequar hinc quo nunc iter est tibi.'

But you're getting nowhere, i will hold onto you the whole way; i will pursue you wherever you're going from here'


'nil opus est te circumagi: quendam volo visere non tibi notum;

'There is no need for you to be taken out of your way; I wish to visit someone not known to you.'


trans Tiberim longe cubat is prope Caesaris hortos.'

he resides far across the Tiber near Caesar's gardens


'nil habeo quod agam et non sum piger: usque sequar te.'

"I have nothing to do, and I'm not lazy: I will follow you all the way."


demitto auriculas, ut iniquae mentis asellus, cum gravius dorso subiit onus.

My ears fall, like a bad tempered young donkey when he gets a very heavy load on his back